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Hitomi Shiraishi
Born (1971-12-25) December 25, 1971 (age 43)[1]
Tokyo , Japan
Other names Yukie Ochiai
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.59 m (5 ft 2 12 in)

Hitomi Shiraishi (白石ひとみ Shiraishi Hitomi?) is a former Japanese model, adult video (AV) actress, and a movie and TV actress from the 1990s who has been called "the eternal porn queen".[2] She has been described as "one of the most popular AV actresses of [the] 1990s".[3] After retiring from performing, she went on to a second career as a movie screenwriter under the name Yukie Ochiai (落合雪恵).

Life and career[edit]

AV career[edit]

Hitomi Shiraishi was born on December 25, 1971. She made her debut as an AV actress at the age of eighteen in September 1990 with Virgin Ecstasy: Sensual Princess Hitomi Shiraishi released by the h.m.p. Tiffany label.[4] Shiraishi appeared in several more videos for h.m.p. but also worked with other studios including Cosmos Plan, Shy Plan and Alice Japan. In her December 1991 video for Alice Japan, Wait Until Dark, the three scenes have her being treated as a sex slave, having a session with a vampire, and having sex with her husband.[5] May 1992 saw her in the second installment in Kuki's series Sister-in-law's Warm Underwear engaging in a "sweet and tender forbidden love story".[6] Also in May 1992, she starred in the inaugural video for the MAX-A Samansa label Witch-Wife Hitomi Shiraishi.[7]

Shiraishi left the AV field for a while but after an absence of two years, she returned with the August 1995 video from Shy Plan, Heisei Goddess Legend: Resurrection.[8][9] Her final retirement video Break was released by Shy Plan in November 1995.[10] A few months later in February 1996, Shy Plan issued Legend of Hitomi Shiraishi, a compilation video covering her career with the studio.[2]

In 2001, FantaDream released two "uncensored" videos starring Shiraishi (Uncensored videos lack the mosaic pixelation masking the genitals which is mandatory in videos released in Japan). The first video, released in September, was the initial volume in FantaDream's Super Idol series; the second from December, titled Hitomi Shiraishi Returns, was Volume 9 in the Super Idol series.[11]

Despite her having been retired from AV work for more than 15 years, when the major Japanese adult video distributor DMM held a poll of its customers in 2012 to select the 100 all time best AV actresses to celebrate the 30th anniversary of adult videos in Japan, Shiraishi made the list, placing at number 63.[12] Also in 2012, the Taiwan online news service NowNews named Shiraishi as one of their Top Ten Japanese AV Idols.[13]

V-Cinema and films[edit]

Shiraishi also appeared in a number of softcore V-Cinema productions and some mainstream films. She had a role in the April 1996 film Lady Ninja: Reflections of Darkness, a female ninja (kunoichi) costume drama,[14][15] and a month later appeared in the Rashomon drama In a Thicket directed by pink film director Hisayasu Satō known as one of the "Four Heavenly Kings of Pink".[16][17] V-Cinema films include Tokyo Decameron which was released in Japan in July 1996[18][19] and in an English subtitled version by Asian Pulp Cinema in November 2001,[20] and the erotic bondage thriller The Bondage Master which was issued in Japan in April 1996[21][22] and in an English subtitled version from Asian Pulp Cinema in 2000.[23]

TV appearances[edit]

From late 1994 to early 1998, Shiraishi had roles in several Japanese TV dramas including shows for the Osaka-based networks KTV, ABC and MBS as well as TBS and NTV in Tokyo.[24] One of these was the January 2, 1996 TBS production Haunted Lake (呪われた湖?), based on the novel Lake of Mud (湖泥?), featuring the fictional detective Kosuke Kindaichi.[25] She also appeared in Part 3 of the Fuji TV series The Way of the Osaka Loan Shark (ナニワ金融道 Naniwa Kinyūdō?) broadcast January 5, 1998 and featuring Ken Ogata, Kaoru Kobayashi, Masahiro Nakai and Hikari Ishida.[26]


After her retirement from performing Shiraishi became associated with the avant-guard music studio Kaerucafe (カエルカフェ) and when the company expanded into film production, she embarked on a new career as a screenwriter under her real name Yukie Ochiai (落合雪恵?).[27] Since 2003 she has written a number of screenplays for films produced by Kaerucafe and directed by Masatoshi Akihara and has also been responsible for editing and art work in some of the productions.[28][29] Her screenplay for the 2008 film The Story of Ito is a modern version of the fantasy story Ito Norisuke no Hanashi by Yakumo Koizumi (Lafcadio Hearn)[30] while her 2009 The Setting Sun starring Eriko Sato is based on the novel of the same name by Osamu Dazai.[31]

Selected filmography[edit]

Video title[32] Release date Studio Director Notes

Adult videos (AV)[edit]

Virgin Ecstasy: Sensual Princess Hitomi Shiraishi
ヴァージン・エクスタシー 官能姫 白石ひとみ
1990-09-15 h.m.p. Tiffany
Yukihiko Shimamura Debut
New Sensual Princess
1991-05-12 h.m.p. Tiffany
Yukihiko Shimamura
Super Porno '91 Onedari Princess
スーパー・ポルノ’91 おねだり姫
1991-06-23 h.m.p. Tiffany
Yukihiko Shimamura
Hardcore Extract Uzuki Princess
ハード・コア・エキス うずき姫
1991-07-06 h.m.p. Tiffany
Yukihiko Shimamura
Lucky Hole
1991-08-25 Cosmos Plan
OL Bijyū - The Office Vibration
OL美獣 オフィス・バイブレーション
1991-09-14 HRC Cher
Hug Me Silently
1991-09-27 Alice Japan
Akira Ishizaki
Pink Skin
1991-09-29 Cosmos Plan
Pacifier Angel
1991-11-10 h.m.p. Tiffany
Venus Bunny 4
1991-11-29 Shy Plan
Kunihiro Hasegawa
Suki? Suki? Kiss Me, Please!
1991-12-15 Cosmos Plan
Wait Till Dark
1991-12-27 Alice Japan
Shuji Onizawa
Perverted Secretary Likes It Raw - Part 8
H秘書はナマがお好き PART8
H Hisho wa Nama Gao Suki PART8
1992-01-07 HRC Cher
Kunihiro Hasegawa
Targeted Female Teacher 2
狙われた女教師 2
1992-01-24 Shy Plan
You Camon
I Wanna Lick Your Balls & Chains Vol.7
1992-02-29 Royal Art Stella
Shuji Onizawa
Hitomi's Obscene Bible
1992-03-06 HRC Cher
Kunihiro Hasegawa
Fetish Video Magazine: Shukujokan
Fetish Video Magazine 淑女館 6
1992-03-08 Cosmos Plan
With Mariko Kishi & Nao Suzuki
Kankin Lingerie Queen 2
1992 Shy Plan
Indecent Uniform: Nugasete
制服ワイセツ ねぇ、脱がせて
Seifuku Waisetsu nee, Nugasete
1992-04-17 Athena Eizou
Hikaru Kitoh
Sister-in-law's Warm Underwear
義姉の生下着 2
1992-05-16 (VHS)
1997-09-26 (VCD)
1999-02-26 (DVD)
Kuki Sonia
QX-227 (VHS)
VKD-015 (VCD)
KDV-046 (DVD)
Jin Yuho
Witch-Wife Hitomi Shiraishi
1992-05-30 MAX-A Samansa
Kunihiro Hasegawa
The Moment of Truth
Shinjitsu no Shunkan
1992-06-13 Shy Plan
Kunihiro Hasegawa
Wedding Slave 2
1992-06-29 HRC Cher
Flash Paradise
1992-07-03 Alice Japan
Rokurō Mochizuki
Sexy Butt
1992-08-07 Alice Japan
Kunihiro Hasegawa
White Paper on Wanton Wife
1992 Athena Eizou
Hikaru Kitoh
Ecstasy Feeling
1992-08-31 Royal Art/Deluxe Paris
Mondo Suzuki
Venus Bunny Special
1995-03-17 Shy Plan
Compilation with Mari Asaka, Reika, Reina Hosokawa, Shiori Fujitani & Yumika Sugimoto
Heisei Goddess Legend: Resurrection
平成女神伝説 復活
1995-08-31 Shy Plan
Kunihiro Hasegawa
Declaration of Well-Bred Woman
1995-09-27 Shy Plan
Kunihiro Hasegawa
Kankin Lingerie Queen History
監禁ランジェリークィーン ヒストリー
1995-10-21 Shy Plan
You Camon With Yuri Saeki & Mariya Kurasawa
Targeted Female Teacher 10
1995-10-31 Shy Plan
Kunihiro Hasegawa
Break 1995-11-30 Shy Plan
Kunihiro Hasegawa
Legend of Hitomi Shiraishi
LEGEND 白石ひとみ伝説
1996-02-19 Shy Plan
Kunihiro Hasegawa Compilation of scenes from her earlier work for Shy Plan
Pero Pero Pink 2
1997-06-20 Alice Japan
Compilation DVD with Miho Aimoto
Super Idol Vol. 1: Hitomi Shiraishi[33] 2001-09-20 FantaDream
Super Idol Vol. 9: Hitomi Shiraishi Returns[34] 2001-12-15 FantaDream
Cosmos Classic Hitomi Shiraishi
宇宙企画Classic 白石ひとみ
2002-09-13 Cosmos Plan
Compilation DVD containing Lucky Hole and Pink Skin
Legend Resurrected: Legend Special Vol. 5
蘇る伝説のアクトレスたち Legend Special 5 白石ひとみ
2008-12-19 Graffiti
Compilation DVD containing Venus Bunny 4, Targeted Female Teacher 2, The Moment of Truth and Heisei Goddess Legend: Resurrection
Legend Resurrected: Legend Special Vol. 10
蘇る伝説のアクトレスたち Legend Special vol.10 白石ひとみ
2009-02-27 Graffiti
Compilation DVD containing Declaration of Well-Bred Woman, Targeted Female Teacher 10, Break and Legend of Hitomi Shiraishi
Video title[35] Release date Studio Director Notes


ゆけゆけAV新撰組 天使たちのHな大戦争
Yuke yuke AV shinsengumi: Tenshi tachi no H na daisensō
1992-08-25 Stella Eitaro Onuma With Mirei Asaoka & Ai Iijima
The Bondage Master / Rope Detective
1996-04-26 Tōhokushinsha Hitoshi Hoshino With Yukijirō Hotaru & Yokiru Ikuta
Tokyo Decameron
Tōkyõ Dekameron
1996-07-21 Sentesutajio
Koichi Kobayashi With Kei Mizutani, Marie Jinno & Hitoe Ootake
Cyber Inner Palace
Dennou Ohoko
1997-11-21 Shintōhō Eiga
Naoyuki Tomomatsu With Hitomi Shimizu & Mio Nishino
Video title[36] Release date Studio Director Notes

Theatrical films[edit]

Mari's Prey
Marii no Emono
1996-01-27 Faniienjeru
Keiichirō Yoshida With Makiko Kuno and Takeshi Yamato
Lady Ninja: Reflections of Darkness
くノ一忍法帖 忍者月影抄
Kunoichi ninpō chō: Ninja tsukikage shō
1996-04-13 King Records Masaru Tsushima With Yuka Ōnishi, Tetsuo Kurata, Rina Kitahara, Miho Nomoto and Asami Jō
In a Thicket
Yabu no Naka
1996-05-18 Image Factory Hisayasu Satō With Shigeki Hosokawa, Kō Takasugi and Kaori Sakagami
Dangan Runner / Non-Stop
Dangan ranna
1996-11-09 Nikkatsu Hiroyuki Tanaka With Tomorowo Taguchi, Diamond Yukai and Shin'ichi Tsutsumi
Video title[37] Release date Studio Director


Umi no Yume, Tokai no Kyo
2004-03-13 Kaerucafe
Masatoshi Akihara
Typhoon Passed
2004-05-08 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Fucha: The Other Side of the Melody
2004-07-31 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Dolphin Swim
2004-09-04 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Break Out
2005-01-22 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Marimba Ensemble
2005-06-25 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Flowers at Noon
Marihu no hana
2005-10-08 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
2006-01-26 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Where Is Her Place To Stay
Haru no ibasho
2006-02-11 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Various Scenes of Mt Fuji
富嶽百景 ~遥かなる場所~
2006-06-03 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
I Carry the Ticket of Eternity
Ginga tetsudō no yoru
2006-11-04 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Five-storied Pagoda
2007-03-30 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
White Camellia
2007-10-06 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
The Story of Ito
Ito no Hanashi
2008-04-26 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
Ni jū shinzō
2008-10-04 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara
The Setting Sun
2009-06-13 Kaerucafe Masatoshi Akihara



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