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Hitomi Tanaka
Hitomi Tanaka AVN Expo 2015.jpg
Hitomi at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, January 2015
Born (1986-07-18) July 18, 1986 (age 29)[1]
Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese[2]
Height 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)[2]
Website http://blog.dmm.co.jp/actress/hitomi

Hitomi Tanaka (田中 瞳 Tanaka Hitomi?) is a Japanese AV idol, gravure idol, and pink film actress credited as Hitomi in adult videos and pink films to avoid confusion with an earlier AV idol named Hitomi Tanaka. She is well-known for her large breasts (Japanese size O77, US 32N, UK 32JJ & France 85N).[3]

Life and career[edit]

Early life and career[edit]

Tanaka was born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan on July 18, 1986.[2] She debuted as a clothed model in 2007 and appeared in her debut "gravure" (non-nude) video, Hitomi Tanaka Bakunyuu J no Shogeki, in November 2007.[4] As a gravure idol, she was compared to an earlier "big-bust" gravure model, Harumi Nemoto.[5] She has also worked in the softcore movie field, acting in Zen Pictures' low budget V-Cinema Power Rangers parody, Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star (爆乳戦隊ファイバスター?) released on two DVDs in September 2008.[6][7]

AV career[edit]

She started her hardcore career as Hitomi in November 2008 with the video Celebrity Shock AV Debut (芸能人 Hitomi 衝撃のAVデビュー) for the Soft On Demand (SOD) studio where, rather unusual for Japanese pornography, she performed with her pubic hair fully depilated (a look she kept until her departure from SOD and restored only for a paipan fetish video after this).[8][9] Her debut videos for SOD were popular enough to elevate her to the #6 ranking in sales for all actresses from the DMM website for the last half of 2008.[10] She continued to be one of the top ranked actresses at DMM in 2009, ranking #27 for the first half of the year[11] and #42 for the full year.[12] She made several more videos for SOD in 2008 and 2009, and, in August 2009, the company released Hitomi Premium Collection 8 Hours, which included material from all of her previous solo videos.[13]

Japanese adult video stars have proven popular in other parts of Asia as well, and Hitomi, along with fellow SOD AV star Sasa Handa, traveled to Shanghai to represent the SOD company at the March 2009 Shanghai Adult Exhibition (上海国际成人展).[14] In August 2009, Tanaka began working with a new company, Arashi-Supergirl, part of the large Hokuto Corporation group of companies.[15] By early 2010, she was making videos with two other Hokuto companies, Oppai and Moodyz. Other performances for two other Hokuto companies, three titles for jukujo studio Madonna (including a title for Madonna's bakunyū label Fitch) and a tentacle erotica video for the rape pornography studio Attackers followed the next year.

Pink film career[edit]

Hitomi starred with Riri Kōda in the OP Eiga pink film Gokuraku Sentō: Big Tits Water Bashing (極楽銭湯 巨乳湯もみ Gokuraku sentō: Kyonyū yumomi?) by award-winning director Yoshikazu Katō released on August 11, 2011, playing the busty bath house attendant "Kazuko Umeno".[16][17] The film won the Best Film Honorable Mention and Best Screenplay awards at the 2011 Pink Grand Prix.[18] The following year, she starred, along with Ren Azumi, in another OP Eiga pink film Immoral Throat Examination: Bomb Tits Nurse Bondage (どスケベ検査 ナース爆乳責め Dosukebe kensa: Nurse bakunyū-zeme?) by Katō released on February 3, 2012, playing the voluptuous nurse "Jamie Lee".[19][20][21]

Score Group[edit]

At the end of 2011, she appeared in numerous softcore/glamour photoshoots and videos filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the American Score Group.[22] In the Summer of 2014, she made a return to the Score Group with the DVD SCORE on Location featuring Hitomi in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic with three of other SCORE and/or V-mag award winning big bust models.[23]

Personal life[edit]

Hitomi Tanaka is a karateka; a black belt of Gōjū-ryū style.[24][25]

Released Movies[edit]

List of movies starring Hitomi Tanaka. Includes content ID, studio and release date.[26][27][28][29][30][31][32]


  • The impact of Hitomi Tanaka's J-Cup Tits (田中瞳 爆乳Jの衝撃?) (Nov. 8, C&H, CHNS-3)
  • The Secret of Obscene J-Cup Tits (ナイショ極乳Jの猥褻?) (Jan. 5, C&H, CHNS-4)
  • PREMIUM CUTIE Hitomi Tanaka (PREMIUM CUTIE 田中瞳?) (May 8, C&H, CHD-27)
  • PREMIUM CUTIE Hitomi Tanaka & Yuri Himegami (PREMIUM CUTIE 田中瞳&姫神ゆり?) (Aug. 7, C&H, CHD-29) Co-star: Yuri Himegami
  • PREMIUM CUTIE Hitomi Tanaka 2 (PREMIUM CUTIE 田中瞳2?) (Sep. 4, C&H, CHD-30)
  • Fi-Buster [First Part] (爆乳戦隊ファイバスター 前編?) (Sep. 12, ZEN PICTURES, ZARD-65) Co-stars: Yuri Himegami, Juri Imai, Marika, Yuriko Sakakura, Yuuko Yuuki, Mami Azuma
  • Fi-Buster [Last Part] (爆乳戦隊ファイバスター 後編?) (Sep. 26, ZEN PICTURES, ZARD-66) Co-stars: Yuri Himegami, Juri Imai, Marika, Yuriko Sakakura, Yuuko Yuuki, Mami Azuma

Adult Videos[edit]

  • Celebrity Shock - AV Debut (芸能人 衝撃のAVデビュー?) (Nov. 6, SOD, STAR-128)
  • Celebrity's First and Last Gangbang - 4 Hour Special (芸能人 最初で最後の大乱交 4時間SP?) (Dec. 4, SOD, STAR-142)
  • Exposed Sex under the Blue Sky (芸能人 青空の下でセックス初露出?) (Dec. 18, SOD, STAR-134)
  • I'll Become Incontinent If This Goes On... mVISION (芸能人 失禁するほど…。mVISION?) (Jan. 22, SOD, STAR-139)
  • High End Sexual Service Woman (芸能人 超高級ソープ嬢?) (Feb. 19, SOD, STAR-148)
  • Extreme Molester Hell (芸能人 激痴漢地獄?) (Mar. 19, SOD, STAR-153)
  • (First) Cream Pie Heaven (芸能人 (初)中出し天国?) (Apr. 18, SOD, STAR-159)
  • Huge J-Cup Tits Miracle (奇跡のJカップ?) (May 14, REbecca, REBD-3)
  • Tokyo Exposure Sex (芸能人 東京露出セックス?) (May 21, SOD, STAR-165)
  • Horny Woman (芸能人 淫女?) (Jun. 18, SOD, STAR-171)
  • Extreme Cumming Extreme Squirting (芸能人 激イキ激吹きポルチオ?) (Jul. 23, SOD, STAR-177)
  • Hitomi Premium Collection - 8 Hours (芸能人 ヤリまくりイキまくり完全永久保存版8時間?) (Aug. 6, SOD, SDMS-814) Compilation of scenes from her previous SOD videos.
  • Electric Shock Transfer! SUPER J (電撃移籍!SUPER J?) (Aug. 13, Arashi-Supergirl, ARS-20)
  • My Private Teacher is a J-Cup Celebrity (プライベートティーチャー 先生はJcup芸能人?) (Sep. 13, Arashi-Supergirl, ARS-24)
  • Colossal Tits: A Young Wife's Temptation (爆乳若奥様の誘惑?) (Okt. 13, Arashi-Supergirl, ARS-027)
  • Cum-Loving Nursery Worker (精子大好きボイン保母さん?) (Nov. 13, Arashi-Supergirl, ARS-30)
  • Bursting Breasts Titty-Fucking Special (爆乳パイズリSPECIAL?) (Dec. 13, Arashi-Supergirl, ARS-32)
  • Hitomi x OPPAI x 4 Hours - Special Collaboration (Hitomi×OPPAI×4時間 —Jの衝撃とOPPAIのスペシャルコラボレーション— ?) (Jan. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-82)
  • J-Cup Super Colossal Tits: Hard Hard Hard Titty Fuck Special (Jカップ超爆乳ボディー 激激激パイズリ SP?) (Mar. 1, MOODYZ, MIDD-599)
  • No Bra - Teacher With Colossal Tits Loves To Tease In Class (ノーブラ爆乳先生の胸チラ授業?) (Apr. 1, MOODYZ, MIDD-610)
  • Hitomi SUPER BEST 8 Hours (SUPER BEST8時間?) (Apr. 1, Arashi-Supergirl, SGB-004) Compilation of scenes from her previous Arashi-Supergirl videos.
  • J-Cup Celebrity - Real Creampies (Jcup芸能人 真性中出し?) (May 1, MOODYZ, MIGD-325)
  • Dream Woman 78 (ドリームウーマン78?) (Jun 1, MOODYZ, MIGD-331)
  • Torture the Colossal Tits of This J-Cup Celebrity 'Til They Fall Off!! (Jカップ芸能人の爆乳がチギれるまで嬲り倒せ!!?) (Jul. 1, MOODYZ, MIDD-648)
  • Shaved J-Cup Hottie Hitomi Goes to Extremes: Bukkake, Creampies and Deep Throat! (Jカップ芸能人ぶっかけ中出しパイパンイラマチオFUCK?) (Aug. 1, MOODYZ, MIGD-347)
  • Hitomi's 97cm J-Cup Titty Fuck Special (Hitomiの97cmJcupパイズリSpecial?) (Sep. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-107)
  • Prime Tits 8 Hours (乳盛り8時間?) (Okt. 13, MOODYZ, MIBD-519) Best of collection spanning her 6 solo projects.
  • 97cm & J-Cup Nurse with Colossal Tits gets Sweetly Ravished (97cm&Jcupの爆乳ナースが優し~くチンポを犯す?) (Okt. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-112)
  • OPPAI Porn Star Hitomi Drops In on Big Tits Enthusiast - Sexily Easing Fans' Complexes (OPPAI女優Hitomiが巨乳マニアの自宅訪問 ~ファンのコンプレックスを気持ちよく解決~?) (Nov. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-115)
  • 500 Cums in a Row (ザーメン500連発の洗礼?) (Dec. 19, Das, DASD-132)
  • Sex With The World's Largest Dicks (世界で一番大きなチンポを持つ男のSEX?) (Jan. 19, ROOKIE, RKI-106)
  • Drilling These Titties Is Amazing: Titty Fuck (チ●ポを鍛える励ましパイズリセックス?) (Feb. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-738)
  • Defenseless Nipple Temptation - J-Cup (無防備な乳房の誘惑 ~派遣社員はJカップ~?) (Mar. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-751)
  • 3D OPPAI (Apr. 19, OPPAI)
  • Her Colossal Tits in her Usual Clothing (着たままの爆乳?) (May 19, OPPAI, PPPD-137)
  • Exhibitionist Goes for the Tits! (露出で乳イカせ?) (Jun. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-143)
  • Giant Tittied Teacher's Nice Creampie Class (爆乳女教師の優しく中出し授業?) (Jul. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-148)
  • My Instructor with Huge Tits is my Pet - Sensitive Nipples in Fitness Club (僕のペットは爆乳インストラクター ~敏感な乳房が咽び泣くフィットネスクラブ内調教~?) (Aug. 1, Madonna Fitch, JUFD-162)
  • Mrs. Jogging 3 (ジョギング・ミセス3?) (Aug. 25, Madonna, JUC-611)
  • My wife's Young Sister - Dangerous Huge Tit Play Caught by Voyeur Camera (妻の妹 ~盗撮カメラが見た危険な爆乳遊戯~?) (Sep. 25, Madonna, JUC-630)
  • Slimy, Wet, and See Through: The Girl Next Door with Seriously Colossal Tits Gets Molested (ぬるぬる濡れ透け超爆乳なお隣のお姉さんに犯される?) (Okt. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-157)
  • Valley of Temptation: Married Woman with Colossal Tits & No Bra (誘惑してしまう谷間 ノーブラ爆乳人妻?) (Nov. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-162)
  • Smothered in Tentacles - Married Woman's Forced Conception (触手に溺れて― 人妻強制受胎?) (Dec. 7, Attackers, ATID-192)
  • Hitomi's Sticky Kisses and SEX With An Old Man (Hitomiと老人の濃厚な接吻とSEX?) (Jan. 25, Fantasista, ZONO-48)
  • Fucked by an Older Sister in Tight Outfit with Sticking Out Colossal Tits (ぴたりムチムチ衣装のハミ乳超爆乳お姉さんに犯される?) (Feb. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-175)
  • Colossal Tits Wild Guerilla Sex (爆乳ゲリラ淫乱SEX?) (Mar. 19, Ran Maru, TYOD-145)
  • Shocking Celebrity J-Cup Hitomi 16 Hours (衝撃の芸能人Jcup 16時間?) (Mar. 19, ROOKIE, RKI-174)
  • Mind Blowing Titty Fucks (凄いパイズリ、凄い挟射?) (Apr. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-861)
  • Masochist Girl Special Course (M女専科?) (May 13, MOODYZ, MIMK-7)
  • Jcup Super Huge Titty Instructor (Jcup 超爆乳インストラクター?) (Jun. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-879)
  • Hitomi's Soap Home Delivery (Hitomiの宅配ソープ?) (Jul. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-889)
  • L-Cup and J-Cup Together at Last! Hitomi and Ria Sakuragi Have the Biggest Tits in the Industry! (LとJ 業界最大の超乳共演?) (Aug. 13, MOODYZ REAL, MIRD-113) Co-star: Ria Sakuragi (Karin Kaji)
  • Colossal Tits Reverse Molester (爆乳逆痴漢?) (Sep. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-903)
  • Cumming 10 times in One Day Can't Stop My Orgasms SEX (1日10回射精しても止まらないオーガズムSEX?) (Okt. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-911)
  • Hitomi's Best Breast Selection (Hitomiのこだわりオッパイベスト?) (Nov. 1, MOODYZ Best, MIBD-676) Best of collection.
  • Colossal Tits Naked Exhibitionist (爆乳ムキ出し露出?) (Nov. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-921)
  • J-Cup Colossal Tits vs. Strongest Big Dick (Jカップ爆乳VS最強デカチン4本番?) (Dec. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-929)
  • The Perfect Body in Tight Clothes (スーパーボディ×ピタコス SPECIAL?) (Jan. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-933)
  • Only I-Cup or Bigger Allowed! Huge Tits Harem Special (Iカップ以上限定!! 超乳ボディV・I・PハーレムSPECIAL?) (Feb. 13, MOODYZ REAL, MIRD-119) Co-stars: Nana Aoyama, Ruri Saijo, Anri Okita
  • Colossal Tits Nuru Body (爆乳にゅるにゅるBODY?) (Mar. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-952)
  • 24 Hours - Hitomi - COMPLETE BEST (24時間 COMPLETE BEST?) (Mar. 19, OPPAI, PPBD-62) Best of collection.
  • Special Rejuvenating Masseuse for Masochistic Men (M男専用回春エステティシャン?) (Apr. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-958)
  • J Cup Super Exquisite Soapland Lady (Jcup超絶品ソープ嬢?) (May 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-967)
  • 8 Hours of Hitomi in Super High Resolution (超高画質8時間?) (Jun. 1, MOODYZ Best, MIBD-731) Best of collection.
  • Living with a Babe with Huge Tits 24 Hours a Day (24時間デカパイ同棲生活?) (Jun. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDD-977)
  • Colossal Tits, Pet Secretary (爆乳ペット秘書?) (Jul. 13, MOODYZ, MIDD-989)
  • The Selfish Seduction of a Bra-Less Wife (超爆乳人妻の勝手に誘惑ノーブラ生活Special?) (Aug. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDE-3)
  • SSS-Body: The Largest Size Tits in the World, Deep Impact (SSS-BODY 世界最大クラスの超乳ディープインパクト?) (Sep. 13, E-BODY, EBOD-302)
  • Hitomi's 50 Performances 8 Hour SPECIAL! (Hitomiの50本番8時間SPECIAL!?) (Sep. 13, MOODYZ Best, MIBD-755) A collection of 50 scenes from MOODYZ by Hitomi.
  • Cleavage Temptation Colossal Tits Mistress (谷間で誘惑爆乳女将?) (Okt. 13, MOODYZ DIVA, MIDE-27)
  • Straddling Sex Talk Girls (またがり淫語お姉さん Hitomi?) (Nov. 13, MOODYZ, MIDE-38)
  • A Pet Female Teacher with Big Tits just for Me (僕だけの巨乳女教師ペット Hitomi?) (Dec. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-854)
  • Mother-in-Law Slave - Special Edition - Hitomi (義母奴隷‐特別編‐ Hitomi?) (Jan. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-868)
  • Wife Forced to Strip at Neighborhood Meeting Hitomi (町内会でストリップを踊らされた妻 Hitomi?) (Feb. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-875)
  • Female Teacher Confined And Raped. The 3 Days A Young Wife Was Made To Orgasm Continuously By Her Student Who Invaded Her Home. Hitomi (女教師監禁レイプ 自宅を占拠され生徒にイカされ続けた若妻の3日間 Hitomi?) (Mar. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-885)
  • Mama Dresses Like A Slut for Parent's Day (授業参観ボディコンママ 特別編 Hitomi?) (Apr. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-895) Special Compilation
  • The Married Woman Who Lost Her Key (鍵を落とす人妻-特別編- Hitomi?) (May 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-905)
  • Nude Big Tits Maid Hitomi (全裸巨乳家政婦 Hitomi?) (Jun. 19, OPPAI, PPPD-291)
  • Busty Married Woman Hitomi Ends Up as a Hostess at the Creampie Hot Spring (中出し温泉中居に堕ちた爆乳人妻 Hitomi?) (Jul. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-921)
  • The Ravaged Female Money-Lender with Colossal Tits (犯された爆乳女金融屋 Hitomi?) (Aug. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-931)
  • Ravished Female Boss with Colossal Tits - Hitomi - Slave Service Revenge and Overtime Rape - (犯された爆乳女上司 Hitomi-復習の社畜サービス残業レ×プ-?) (Sep. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-940)
  • A Cock's Temptation (男根の誘い Hitomi?) (Okt. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-951)
  • A Young Wife's Lusty Bondage (淫縛の若妻 Hitomi?) (Nov. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-960)
  • My MILF Is A Former Gravure Idol (お母さんは元グラドル Hitomi?) (Dec. 13, Goro Tameike, MDYD-971)
  • Shoplifting Detective With Huge Tits (超乳万引き捜査官?) (Jan. 1, MOODYZ, MIDE-184)
  • Zukobaka Super Orgy (ズコバコ超乱交?) (Feb. 1, MOODYZ, MIDE-197)
  • Intense Squirting Sex Until Her Pleasure Gets Weird (快感でおかしくなるまで続く 痙攣性交と絶頂潮?) (Mar. 1, MOODYZ, MIDE-208)
  • Hitomi is Your Bride (Hitomiがあなたのお嫁さん?) (Apr. 1, MOODYZ, MIDE-219)
  • If You Can Stand Hitomi's Titty Fuck You Get to Cum Inside Her at The Fan Appreciation Event (Hitomiのパイズリを我慢できたら生中出しファン感謝オフ会?) (May 19, OPPAI, PPPD-369)
  • J&L - Two Pairs of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies (JとL 超乳W真性中出し?) (Jun. 1, MOODYZ, MIRD-150) Co-star: Anri Okita
  • Breaking In A Busty Married Woman With S&M ~Hot Wife Cheats With Her Bondage Instructor~ (爆乳人妻緊縛堕ち~縄師に寝取られた美人妻~?) (Jul. 1, MOODYZ, MIRD-245)
  • Hitomi's Best Sex, Full Course 8 (Hitomiの極上風俗フルコース8?) (Aug. 1, MOODYZ DIVA, MIRD-253)

Pink Films[edit]

  • Perverse Throat Inspection by Big Titted Nurse (どスケベ検査 ナース爆乳責め?) (Feb. 10, 2012, OP Eiga, OKURAM-322)


  • X-bomb bomb Hitomi 1st.写真集 (Saibunkan Publishers, 25 April 2012, Tomoaki Hosoi) ISBN 978-4775605172[33]
    • X Bomb Bomb (SCORE Group web release, 3 July 2013)


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