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Hitoshi Doi (土井 仁志 Doi Hitoshi?, born October 17, 1963 in Chigasaki, Kanagawa[1]) is the owner of an English language anime and voice actor information website, which was established on June 10, 1994.[1]

Personal website and voice actor database[edit]

Doi's personal website contains over 94,000 individual pages, and he is considered to be one of the most well-known fans of anime and voice acting in the English-speaking world.[1][2] In addition to personal information, his views on various anime and manga series, and information on his hobbies, Doi's site contains a massive "Voice Actor Database". In 2001, the database contained over 50,000 entries,[3] and it is considered by anime fans to be a definitive source of Japanese voice acting information.[2] In 1998, Mary Grigsby called two of his sites "two of the more informative World Wide Web URL addresses", and used his site as a reference.[4]

Hitoshi Doi was interviewed on CBC's Undercurrents, about the otaku culture.[citation needed]

Doi was a guest of honor at the 1999 Anime North convention in Toronto.[5]

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