Hitoshi Okamoto

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Hitoshi Okamoto
岡本 仁志
Born (1976-06-12) 12 June 1976 (age 40)
Kyoto, Japan
Occupation(s) Guitarist
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1999–present
Labels Giza Studio
Associated acts Garnet Crow
Website www.giza.co.jp/superlight

Hitoshi Okamoto (岡本 仁志, born 12 June 1976?) is a Japanese guitarist of the J-pop band Garnet Crow formed in 1999, as well as some of his own solo releases.[1]Since the release of Okamoto's 2010 solo album "Now Printing...", he has used the stage name "Super Light" for his solo projects. As a solo artist, Okamoto writes the majority of his songs by himself, However, fellow Garnet Crow member Nana Azuki has written lyrics for some of his songs. Okamoto is sometimes referred to with the nickname "Okamocchi" (おかもっち). He has created an alternate version of the "GARNET CROW" songs "Crystal Gauge" and "Mysterious Eyes", the latter of which Okamoto had released under the "Super Light" name. During live performances as a solo artist, Okamoto sometimes plays "Garnet Crow" songs, or even invites the other Garnet members to appear as guest musicians. In "Garnet Crow" live performances, Okamoto provides back-up vocals in addition to playing the guitar. Occasionally he will even perform a song as the lead singer. Okamoto is also the host of the radio show "Pastime Paradise", on the Japanese radio station Alpha Station (FM Kyoto 89.4).



  • A First Fine Day
  • "Now Printing..." (as Superlight)


  • "First fine day"
  • "Sweet×2 Summer Rain"


  • GIZA studio Masterpiece BLEND 2001


  • "Crystal Gauge ~hitoshi okamoto mix~" (Only available on the Garnet Crow remix album)
  • "Mysterious Eyes ~Reason P~" (only available via online download.)

List of provided works[edit]

Composer and arranger[edit]


  • Aya Kamiki: A constellation, Ever so Sweet
  • Shiori Takei: Yuunagi
  • Akane Sugazaki: Boyfriend, La la la ~ Yume wo Mitsumeta made~, Itsumademo Zutto
  • Aiko Kitahara: cobalt blue


  • Marie Ueda: Saphire, 210Go, Ookami Shounen
  • Aika Ohno: Egao de Iyouyo
  • Aya Kamiki: Sunday Morning, Summer Memories
  • Hayami Kishimoto: Domino
  • Miho Komatsu: sun and moon, sha la la, Tokubetsu ni Naru hi, Oozora he, Itsuka wa Dial no Koi, Himawari no Komichi, Haru no Kioku
  • Saasa: Darling -Summer-, Dramatical, My Hero
  • d-project: Yureru Omoi
  • Shiori Takei: Sleep
  • Mai Kuraki: Tell me what, I promise
  • Ai Takaoka: Kokoro wo Tsunaide, forever my friend


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