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Himchuli Peak.jpg
Hiunchuli close up
Highest point
Elevation6,441 m (21,132 ft)
Prominencec. 400 m (1,300 ft) [1]
Coordinates28°30′36″N 83°51′00″E / 28.51000°N 83.85000°E / 28.51000; 83.85000Coordinates: 28°30′36″N 83°51′00″E / 28.51000°N 83.85000°E / 28.51000; 83.85000
Hiunchuli is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Parent rangeHimalayas
First ascentOctober 1971 by an American Expeition
Easiest routesnow/rock climb

Hiunchuli (हिउँचुली) is a peak in the Himalayas of central Nepal. The mountain is an extension of Annapurna South. Between this peak and Machapuchare is a narrow section of the Modi Khola valley that provides the only access to the Annapurna Sanctuary.

Annapurna South (left) and Hiunchuli (right) from the south

Hiunchuli was first climbed in October 1971 by an expedition led by U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Craig Anderson. The mountain is classified as a trekking peak by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), but it is considered one of the more difficult trekking peaks to climb due to route finding difficulties and dangers from rock fall and seracs. A climbing permit from the NMA costs $350 USD for a team of up to four members.


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