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A hive may refer to a beehive, an enclosed structure in which some honey bee species are kept by apiarists.

Hive or hives may also refer to:


  • Hive (game), an abstract-strategy board game published in 2001
  • "Hive" (song), a 2013 song by Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples and Casey Veggies
  • Hive (album), a 2022 album by alternative singer, producer, songwriter Sub Urban
  • "Hives", a song by IBOPA and later covered by Xiu Xiu as "Hives Hives" on the album Knife Play
  • H.I.V.E. ("Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination"), a DC Comics villain organization
  • H.I.V.E. (series) ("Higher Institute of Villainous Education"), a series of young-adult novels
  • Hive Propolis, stylized as hive | Propolis, a science fiction transmedia series
  • Hive (comics), a Marvel Comics villain and character on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The Hives, a Swedish rock band


  • Hive (company), artificial intelligence services for businesses, known for content moderation
  • HIVE (ISP), an ISP in Iceland, founded in 2004

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  • Hive (1820), a 485-ton sailing ship built in 1820 at Deptford, England

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