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Available inEnglish
TypeSoftware as a service

Hiveage is an invoicing and billing software as a service developed and launched by Vesess Inc. in 2014.[1] It is the successor to CurdBee, launched by the same company in 2008.[2] Hiveage has a user base covering more than 140 countries.[3]


Hiveage supports unlimited invoicing for unlimited clients. Other features include estimates/quotations, time, expense and mileage tracking, recurring and auto-billing, team and access management, and managing multiple businesses with a single account.[4] Hiveage has integrations with several online payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe,, Braintree, WePay and 2Checkout, and supports ACH payments via[5] It also has localization features, which allows users to send invoices in multiple languages.[6] In March 2015, it added Bitcoin payment support through Coinbase.[7][8]


Hiveage started as a freemium service, but changed to a fixed plan pricing strategy in September 2016.[9] During the time it functioned as a freemium service, Hiveage had a free plan which supported unlimited invoicing and unlimited clients, with PayPal as the payment gateway, and a modular pricing scheme[10] which allowed users to selectively add more features.


CurdBee logo, with the text and an image of a bee
The CurdBee Logo

CurdBee was initially developed by Vesess as an in-house PHP application to invoice clients.[11] The public version was developed using Ruby on Rails and launched on 17 June 2008.[12][13] It was mainly used by small businesses and freelancers.[14][15]

CurdBee had a free plan which supported unlimited invoicing and unlimited clients, with PayPal and Google Checkout as payment gateways.[16] Paid plans had additional features such as multiple payment gateways, recurring invoices, time and expense tracking and custom domains.[17]


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