Hizen-Shiroishi Station

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Hizen-Shiroishi Station

Hizen-Shiroishi Station (肥前白石駅?, Hizenshiroishi-eki) is a railway station in Shiroishi, Kishima District, Saga Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by JR Kyushu and is on the Nagasaki Main Line.


It is an above ground station consisting of two tracks flanked by two side platforms.


In 2005, the average number of passengers per day was 593.


From April 1, 1988, to April 30, 1989, this station, along with the Sasebo Line's Ōmachi Station, was the starting point from which one could purchase the longest one-way ticket in Japan.


  • Shiroishi High School (佐賀県立白石高等学校)
  • Shiroishi Agricultural High School (佐賀県立佐賀農業高等学校)
  • National Route 207
  • Saga Prefecture Route 36


  • March 9, 1930 - Opening

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