Hjalmar Kumlien

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Hjalmar Kumlien.

Knut Hjalmar Kumlien (17 March 1837 – 12 October 1897), was a Swedish architect.


Kumlien graduated at Chalmers University of Technology in 1856 and then continued his studies at the Technical Engineering School in Holzmünden in Braunschweig between 1858-60. He then worked as infrastructure architect with Adolf W. Edelsvärd, the State Railways architects office between 1860 and 1872. Then he ran, with his brother Axel Kumlien (1833-1913), their own business.

The two brothers are authors of numerous buildings in central Stockholm, among others, part of the München Brewery building, Villa Täcka Udden on Djurgården and some 20 villas and town houses north of Humlegården. To Axel and Hjalmar Kumlien sacred buildings are St. Paul Church in Mariatorget, Andreas church in Högbergsgatan in Stockholm, and Ljusterö church, a unique wooden church rebuilt in 1894, designed by Hjalmar Kumlien.[1]


Architectural works by Hjalmar Kumlien
Ljusterö kyrka, rebuilding in 1894.
Photo: March 2008. 
Villa Täcka udden in Djurgården, Stockholm.
Photo: July 2005. 
St Paul's Church in Stockholm.
Photo: September 2005. 
München Brewery facade, designed by Hjalmar Kumelin. 


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