Hkamti District

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Khamti District
Khamti District is located in Myanmar
Khamti District
Khamti District
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 26°00′N 95°41′E / 26.000°N 95.683°E / 26.000; 95.683Coordinates: 26°00′N 95°41′E / 26.000°N 95.683°E / 26.000; 95.683
Country Burma
Region Sagaing Region
No. of Townships 3
Capital Singkaling Hkamti
Time zone MST (UTC+6.30)

Hkamti District or Khamti District (sometimes Naga Hills District[1]) is a district in northern Sagaing Division of Burma (Myanmar). Its administrative center is the town of Singkaling Hkamti.

The district consists of the two townships:

Prior to 2010,[2] it additionally controlled Lahe, Lay Shi (Lashe), and Nanyun townships, which were transferred under the 2008 Constitution[3] to the Naga Self-Administered Zone. The revised smaller district still has a significant minority Naga population.


Hkamti District is bordered[4] by:


Most people in Hkamti District practice subsistence farming. There is also a jade mine,[5] although most of the jade mining is nearby in Mohnyin District.[6]


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