Hkun Law

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Hkun Law
King of Hanthawaddy
Reign January 1307 – March 1311
Predecessor Wareru
Successor Saw O
Born 16 March 1274
Friday, 7th waxing of Late Tagu 635 ME[1]
Died March 1311 (aged 36) [note 1]
near Mawlamyaing
Issue Binnya E Law
House Wareru
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Hkun Law (Burmese: ခွန်လော, [kʰʊ̀ɴ lɔ́]; 1274–1311) was the second king of Hanthawaddy from 1307 to 1311. He ascended to the throne after his elder brother King Wareru was assassinated.[2] Hkun Law was of Shan and Mon descent.[3]

His kingdom remained a nominal vassal of the Sukhothai Kingdom in the east but incurred raids to the Sittaung valley by another Tai kingdom of Lan Na. His brother, Yan Maw La Mon who was governor of Sittaung and Donwun was killed in a Lan Na attack on Donwun. As he prepared to defend the raids, Hkun Law was assassinated in 1311 by his brother-in-law, who placed his son Saw O on the throne.[4]


  1. ^ (Pan Hla 2004: 37–39) says the next king Saw O ascended the throne on 10 April 1311 (Saturday, 6th waning of Tagu 673 ME), soon after Hkun Law's death, which occurred in 672 ME. It means he most probably died in the last months of 672 ME (Tabaung and Late Tagu). Moreover, when Hkun Law died, he was still 36 (in his 37th year). Since he was born on 7th waxing of Late Tagu of 635, he must have died before reaching 7th waxing of Late Tagu 672 (27 March 1311). It means he died prior to 27 March 1311, most likely between Tabaung 672 (19 February to 20 March 1311) and 6th waxing of Tagu 673 ME (26 March 1311).


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Hkun Law
Born: 16 March 1274 Died: March 1311
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Hanthawaddy
January 1307 – March 1311
Succeeded by
Saw O
Royal titles
Preceded by
Heir to the Hanthawaddy Throne
Succeeded by
Yan Maw La Mon