Hlaingthaya Township

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Hlaingthayar Township

Township of Yangon
Hlaingthayar Township is located in Myanmar
Hlaingthayar Township
Hlaingthayar Township
Coordinates: 16°51′0″N 96°4′0″E / 16.85000°N 96.06667°E / 16.85000; 96.06667Coordinates: 16°51′0″N 96°4′0″E / 16.85000°N 96.06667°E / 16.85000; 96.06667
CountryBurma (Myanmar)
 • Total67.4 km2 (26.01 sq mi)
 • TotalOver 700,000
Time zoneUTC6:30 (MST)
Postal codes
11401, 11402
Area code(s)1 (mobile: 80, 99)

Hlaingthaya Township (Burmese: လှိုင်သာယာ မြို့နယ်, pronounced [l̥àiɴθàjà mjo̰nɛ̀]; also spelt Hlaing Tharyar Township) is located in the western part of Yangon, Myanmar. It is one of the biggest township in country and it is also the most populated township. The township comprises 20 wards and nine village tracts and shares borders with Htantabin Township in the north and west, Insein Township, Mayangon Township, and Hlaing Township in the east across the Yangon River, and Twante Township in the south.[3]


Hlaingthaya is the most developed of the new satellite towns founded in the 1980s. Hlaingthaya Industrial Zone, consisted of mostly garment and other light industries, is one of the largest industrial parks in the country. Showpiece gated communities of the wealthy like the FMI City and Pun Hlaing Garden Residences in the southeastern part of the township are the domain of the country's elite and are arguably among the best communities in the country. After Cyclone Nargis the township experienced a jump in population due to refugees.[2]

The township is connected to other parts of Yangon across the Yangon river over the Aung Zeya Bridge and the Bayinnaung Bridge, and to Twante township over the Pan Hlaing river by the Pan Hlaing Bridge.


The township has 46 primary schools, 8 middle schools and 4 high schools.[3] Yangon Technological University also maintains a campus in Hlaingthaya.


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