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The Hmong American Peace Academy (HAPA) is a charter school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, under the authority of Milwaukee Public Schools.[1] It includes the HAPA K-8 program, and it has an affiliated high school program.[2]

Chris Her-Xiong was a co-founder of the school in 2004.[2] HAPA was established in 2004 for Hmong-American children[3] and other children with southeast Asian heritage. Initially it enrolled students up to fifth grade, but it later extended from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.[1][4] Enrollment is about 1000 students, of whom 98 percent speak a language other than English.[3]

An affiliated school, the International Peace Academy, is a charter high school.[4]


The school provides its academic instruction in English, while it has its heritage classes in Hmong.[2]


The school has a Saturday academy for enrichment and extra support, an extended day program, after school tutoring.[2]


As of 2013, 87% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch.[2]

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