Hoàng Cơ Minh

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In this Vietnamese name, the family name is Hoàng. According to Vietnamese custom, this person should properly be referred to by the given name Minh.
Hoàng Cơ Minh
Admiral Hoang Co Minh.png
Hoàng Cơ Minh as a young naval officer
Born 1935
Hanoi, Vietnam
Died 1987
Nationality Vietnamese
Occupation democracy activist
Known for First Chairman of Viet Tan

Hoàng Cơ Minh (1935–1987) was the first chairman of the Việt Tân (Vietnam Reform Party). He was elected on September 10, 1982, when Viet Tan was founded. He was considered, among the expatriate Vietnamese, the leader of the anti-communist resistance against the Vietnamese government.


Hoàng Cơ Minh was born in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 1935. He graduated in mathematics from the University of Hanoi in 1954. He then joined the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) where he was a decorated officer. He was known as an incorruptible leader and rose quickly in the Republic of Vietnam Navy, where he became commodore-admiral.[1]

After the Fall of Saigon in 1975, Hoàng Cơ Minh established the foundations for a long-term democracy movement against the Vietnamese communist regime. In 1982 he founded Việt Tân (Vietnam Reform Party) along the Thai-Lao border and was elected as first chairman.[2]

Hoàng Cơ Minh died in August 1987, while attempting to enter Vietnam.

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