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Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV)
Type Broadcast television
Country Vietnam
Availability Local
Headquarters Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Launch date
May 1, 1975
Picture format
576i (16:9 SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Official website

Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) is under the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.


The old name of HCMC Television is Liberation Television that began broadcasting on May 1, 1975. Until April 30, 1975, the name is Saigon Television (Republic of Vietnam), founded in 1965, broadcast from February 2, 1966 to April 29, 1975. At the time, in Saigon, there are two different TV stations immediately adjacented in downtown: the TV station of the US military and Saigon TV. While in the South Vietnam there are five TV stations (Saigon, Cần Thơ, Huế, Nha Trang and Quy Nhơn), the television in the North Vietnam still in the testing period.

HTV's headquarter in HCMC


The station's main headquarter is located at the corner of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Dinh Tien Hoang Street. It also has a office in Ha Noi. HTV is broadcasting two analog channel: HTV7 and HTV9. The station is going to broadcast digital television by the end of 2013 with 2 to 3 frequency channels, broadcasts all 17 TV channels of HTV.

HTV7 and HTV9 also officially posted to the Vinasat-1 in 2005, now broadcast in all of the Southeast Asian countries and some of the Asian countries. HTV is broadcasting 17 channels:

Channel Launch date Information
HTV1 - Public General Information 2004 Until 2012, the channel is managed by VTL and the lease term of five years (from 2007) was expired. Since that, the HCMC Television managed it as a public information channel.
HTV2 - General Entertainment 2005 Until 2010, the channel was broadcast as a sport channel when it is appling the license.

It is broadcasts 24 hours a day. It is the partner channel between Đất Việt VAC and HCMC Television. Đất Việt VAC also managed other channels like Giai Tri TV (VTVCab 1), D-Dramas (VTVCab 7) and Lotte Đất Việt Home Shopping (a shopping channel which was cooperationed with Lotte Group in Incheon).

HTV3 - Entertainment for Kids and Families 2008 It was managed by TVM Corporation from June 2008 to August 2010 and since June 2014.

Earlier, it broadcast as a kids channel, since 2007, the channel is planned as a entertainment channel for kids and families. Since June 2008, HTV3 has served more than 1,000 films for children, like Ben 10, Doraemon, Case Closed, etc.

HTV4 - Education 2005 It is founded the same time as HTV1, HTV2, HTV3, HTV7 and HTV9. In the first days, HTV4 rebroadcasts science programs which was originally aired on HTV7 and HTV9.

Since early 2006, HTV4 begins to purchase the copyrights from BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, etc. such as many other programs about Vietnamese education and scienntific.

HTV4 has an own website: htv4.vn to broadcast TV programs in online.

HTV7 - General Entertainment 1975 It was broadcast in HDTV since May 19, 2013. It featured many game shows, such as Đi tìm ẩn số (since 2005), Nốt nhạc vui (2004-09), Vui để học (2001-05), etc.
HTV9 - General Information 1987 This channel (with HTV7) was broadcast in HDTV since May 19, 2013.
HTV Co.op - Home Shopping unknown It is managed by HCMC's Union Cooperative (Co.op Mart).
HTV Sport - General Sport 2007 It was replaced HTV2 (old) and HTV8. Until 2013, it broadcasts as HTVC - Sport.
HTVC [1] Vietnamese - General Channel for Vietnamese culture and people 2005 Since 2008, it is broadcast worldwide to serve the Vietnamese people in around the world.
HTVC Vietnamese HD May 2011 It broadcasts Vietnamese films.
HTVC Film 2005 It broadcasts TV movies and cinema films in the world.
HTVC Film HD 2011 It broadcasts Asian movies.
HTVC Music - General Music unknown Since April 4, 2015, it broadcast as a interactive music channel for young people.
HTVC Family June 28, 2007 Broadcast as a channel for families.
HTVC Women October 20, 2007 Broadcast as a channel for women.
HTVC Travel and Living November 2007 Broadcast as a information channel for travel and lifestyle.
HTVC Plus - Channel B 2006 It was managed by Yan Group (since August 2010).
VGS Shop - Shopping Channel 2008 It is managed by ViVi Trading Joint Stock Company.
FBNC - Financial and Banking February 2009 It is managed by IDG Vietnam Invest Fund and Thế Sáng Corporation.


HTV has:

  • TFS, a TV studio, specializes in production movies and documentary film.
  • TV Service Center (TSC), a venue to contact the services and advertisements.
  • Programme Production Centre (PPC), a production company, specializes in production television programs.
  • Ho Chi Minh City Television Cable Center (HTVC) brings to audiences the programs in Vietnam and worldwide with good quality. The main programs include: science, education, sports, movies, entertainment, etc.

HTV's cable system has a lot of TV shows has the legitimate copyright, such as:

After the center building's inaugurate in early 2006, with modern equipment and technology, the TV station is gradually switching to digital television and good staffs. HTV is trying hard to become a powerful media company in Southeast Asia.


  • Vietnam Idol (premiered on May 23, 2007. Since 2010, VTV broadcast the program)
  • Duyên dáng truyền hình
  • Tiếng hát Truyền hình Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh (Ngôi sao tiếng hát truyền hình)
  • Chuông vàng vọng cổ truyền hình (originally Ngôi sao vọng cổ truyền hình)
  • Én Vàng (originally Người dẫn chương trình truyền hình)


  • HTV Awards
  • Album vàng
  • Mai Vàng

Sport contests[edit]

  • Cuộc đua xe đạp toàn quốc tranh Cúp truyền hình Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
  • Chinh phục đỉnh Everest

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