Ho Chung

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Che Kung Temple in Ho Chung.
Chan Ancestral Hall in Ho Chung.
Former ATV studio building, near the Che Kung Temple, in Ho Chung.

Ho Chung (Chinese: 蠔涌; pinyin: Háochōng) is a village on the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong. The Ho Chung River (蠔涌河) runs through the village.


A Neolithic stone-working site was discovered at Ho Chung in 1999.[1]

The village was likely founded in the mid-16th century.[2]


The Che Kung Temple in Ho Chung, one of the two temples in Hong Kong dedicated to Che Kung,[3] is a Grade II Historic Building.[4]

The Chan Ancestral Hall, at No. 25 Ho Chung First Lane was built around the 1850s.[5]

Industrial buildings[edit]

Lee Kum Kee has an oyster sauce factory in Ho Chung. There is also a former multistory dye works, that was once used as an Asia Television studio.


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