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Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park is the first and largest hi-tech park in Vietnam with total area of 1586 ha (app. 4000 acres). Located in the area of Hanoi Capital, convenient for transportation to Noi Bai International Airport and Hai Phong deep Seaport, Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park will be developed as model of a science city with over 200,000 people working and living and consists of the following main functional zones:

  • Research and Development Zone (R&D) has area of 229 ha, surrounds the Software Park. It is a location for national institutes, labs on hi-tech development and application; as well as expert training on hi-tech fields.
  • Software Park has total area of 76 ha, located in peninsula area and surrounded by Tan Xa lake. This Park is for businesses in software development and trading.

Currently, there are two software companies located here, including FPT Software and Viettel Software. They are two biggest software companies of Vietnam.

  • Hi-tech Industrial Zone has area of 549, 5 ha, located in the South of Hoa Lac Hi-tech park. It is the place for hi-tech manufacturing factories, customs clearance, bonded warehouse, etc.
  • Education and Training Zone has area of 108 ha, located in the North of hi-tech park near National Road No 21. There are universities, training centers, vocational schools, etc. in order to provide high quality labor force.
  • Central Area has area of 50 ha, located near Software Park. This is the location for public service facilities such as office building, conference center, post office, hotel and restaurant…etc...
  • Service area has area of 87,5 ha. It is multifunction service that includes trading, business, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, public health, welfare of the people…serving for all inside and outside demands of hi-tech park.

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