Hoa people in Ho Chi Minh City

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The Hoa people in Ho Chi Minh City number around 500,000. They live mainly in Cho Lon (District 5, District 6, District 10 and District 11), which is seen as a local Chinatown. The Chinese Vietnamese population accounts for just 4% of the city's population, but its members own around 30% of the city's privately held enterprises. Many of these enterprises are successful companies such as Binh Tien, Thai Tuan and Kinh Do.

Before the Fall of Saigon, Chinese Vietnamese played a very important role in the economic and political life of the Republic of Vietnam, as they maintained excellent relationships with the government. After the Fall of Saigon, especially after the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979, many Chinese Vietnamese returned to China, fled to other parts of Southeast Asia, or emigrated to the United States and Canada, along with other Western countries.

Chinese Vietnamese still play an important role in trading and wholesale activities but their importance has been reduced.

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