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Hoàng Tụy (Xuân Đài village, Điện Bàn, 17 December 1927) is a prominent Vietnamese applied mathematician. He is considered one of two founders of mathematics in Vietnam, the other is Lê Văn Thiêm.


Hoàng Tụy received his PhD in mathematics from Moscow State University in 1959. He has worked mainly and did pioneering work in the field of global optimization. He has published more than 160 referred journal and conference articles. He presently is with the Institute of Mathematics of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology, where he was director from 1980 to 1989.[1]

In 1997, a workshop in honor of Hoàng Tụy was organized at Linköping University, Sweden.

In December 2007, an international conference on Nonconvex Programming was held in Rouen, France, to pay tribute to him on the occasion of his 80th birthday, in recognition of his pioneering achievements which considerably affected the field of global optimization.[2]

In September 2011, Professor Hoang Tuy has been named as the first ever recipient of the Constantin Carathéodory Prize of the International Society of Global Optimization for his pioneering work and fundamental contributions to global optimization.[3]


Publications in Math-Net.Ru

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His son, Hoang Duong Tuan, is now a Full Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, where he is working on the applications of optimization in various engineering fields. His son-in-law, Phan Thien Thach, works also on Optimization.


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