Hoar Oak Water

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Hoar Oak Water
The Hoar Oak waterfalls running into Watersmeet
CountySomerset, Devon
Physical characteristics
SourceHoarok Hill
 ⁃ locationSomerset, England
 ⁃ coordinates51°10′06″N 3°48′11″W / 51.16833°N 3.80306°W / 51.16833; -3.80306
 ⁃ elevation475 ft (145 m)
MouthEast Lyn River
 ⁃ location
Watersmeet, Devon, England
 ⁃ coordinates
51°13′24″N 3°47′59″W / 51.22333°N 3.79972°W / 51.22333; -3.79972Coordinates: 51°13′24″N 3°47′59″W / 51.22333°N 3.79972°W / 51.22333; -3.79972

Hoar Oak Water is a moorland tributary of the East Lyn River in Exmoor, Somerset, England.

It rises at Hoaroak Hill in the Chains geological site and flows to Watersmeet in the East Lyn Valley in Devon.[1]


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