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View of the stone circle
The Hoarstones, with Corndon Hill in the background
Hoarstones is located in Shropshire
Shown within Shropshire
Location Chirbury with Brompton
Coordinates 52°35′34″N 2°59′57″W / 52.592778°N 2.999167°W / 52.592778; -2.999167
Type Stone circle
Periods Bronze Age

The Hoarstones (or Hoar Stone Circle) form a stone circle in the civil parish of Chirbury with Brompton in the English county of Shropshire. The circle comprises 38 stones, all less than a metre high.[1]


The stone circle comprises 37 stones and one central stone, all composed of dolerite.[2] The circle has a diameter of 22 metres.[2] The site lies upon a southeast slope of marshy ground, not far from the north end of a former glacial lake, of which the Marsh Pool is a remnant.[2] There are two small mounds in the north-west of the circle that may be the remnants of barrows.[2]

The circle is also known as Black Marsh, Hemford and Marsh Pool Circle.[3] There are holes drilled in some of the stones, but these date from a much later period, when local miners would use the stones during wedding celebrations by filling the holes with gunpowder and setting it off.[3]

The Hoarstones may have a connection to the similar circle nearby at Mitchell's Fold, and a third circle formerly to the south known as the Whetstones.[4]


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