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A historic ferry in Hobart, Tasmania.

Ferries in Hobart provide a major alternative public transport service for commuters and tourists in Hobart and other localities in and around the Derwent River in Tasmania.


Since the earliest times of settlement in Hobart, river transport has been used to allow people to move around the city. Prior to the construction of the Hobart Bridge, and its replacement the Tasman Bridge, ferry services were far more important, and previously called at more locations. Following the reconstruction of a public jetty at Opossum Bay in December 2006, calls were being made for a more organised and regular commuter ferry service similar to the one which operates in Sydney.

Current Services[edit]

There are currently three operators that run ferries upon the Derwent River. They are Hobart Cruises, Navigators and Hobart Water Taxis.

Hobart Water Taxis operate a morning and evening service between the eastern shore and Sullivans Cove. At other times there are departures on request between other sites in the greater Hobart area.

Longer ferry services take passengers to visit the D'entrecasteaux Channel and stop at Woodbridge and Kettering.

Hobart Cruises operate fast catamaran services which show off the Derwent River and D'entrecasteaux Channel.

Navigators operate all around the river estuary, Bruny Island, Storm Bay, and also visit the Moorilla Estate.


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