Hobart Mills, California

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Hobart Mills
Former settlement
Hobart Mills is located in California
Hobart Mills
Hobart Mills
Location in California
Coordinates: 39°40′00″N 120°18′00″W / 39.66667°N 120.30000°W / 39.66667; -120.30000Coordinates: 39°40′00″N 120°18′00″W / 39.66667°N 120.30000°W / 39.66667; -120.30000
CountryUnited States
CountyNevada County
5,880 ft (1,790 m)

Hobart Mills is a former settlement in Nevada County, California. It is situated at an elevation of 5,880 ft (1,790 m) above sea level.[1]

The town is named after Walter Scott Hobart, Sr. who operated a sawmill in the area since 1897.[2] Hobart was a leading lumberman in the Lake Tahoe district from the 1860s until his death in 1892.[3]

There was a post office in the town during the period of 1900 through 1938.[4]

The politician Patrick J. Hillings was born in Hobart Mills.[5]


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