Hobo's Taunt

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Hobo's Taunt
Studio album by Willie P. Bennett
Released 1977
Genre Country Music
Label Woodshed Records
Willie P. Bennett chronology
Tryin' to Start Out Clean
Hobo's Taunt
Blackie and the Rodeo King
Singles from Hobo's Taunt
  1. "Lace and Pretty Flowers"
    Released: 1979

Hobo's Taunt was the second album released by Canadian singer-songwriter Willie P. Bennett and was released as an LP album by Woodshed Records in 1977 (WS-007). Produced by David Essig, the album was engineered by brothers Daniel Lanois and Bob Lanois. This production team had trouble capturing Willie's vocals, as he moved around too much, so had him lie down and sing while flat on his back.[1]

The album contains one of Bennett's better-known songs, "Lace And Pretty Flowers", which has been covered by several other singers, most recently by http://www.stevegoldberger.com Steve Goldberger on his 2009 album The Goldberger Variations.

Bennett re-released the album on compact disc in 2000. The album was digitally remastered by Paul Reiemens at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton, Ontario and released on Bennett's independent label, Bnatural Music. In 2003 it was re-released by Japanese label Air Mail Archive (AIRAC-1039), as part of their "Canadian Singer Songwriters Series Vol. 2", in an LP-style slipcase. However, this edition was mastered from a vinyl LP.

Track listing[edit]

Side one

  1. Come On Train
  2. Lace And Pretty Flowers
  3. Storm Clouds
  4. Hobo's Taunt
  5. Stealin' Away

Side two

  1. A Woman Never Knows
  2. Lonely One Car Funerals
  3. If You Have To Choose
  4. You
  5. Faces

All words and music by Willie P. Bennett, C&R 2000 BNatural Music


  • Willie P. Bennett – vocals, guitar, harmonica, high string guitar ("Come On Train")
  • Steve Taylor - drums
  • Ken Whiteley - piano, accordion, mandolin ("One Car Funerals"), vocals ("Hobo's Taunt", "Storm Clouds"), lead acoustic guitar ("You")
  • Chris Whiteley - harmonica ("One Car Funerals", "If You Have To Choose", "Hobo's Taunt"/Trumpet ("Stealin', "A Woman Never Knows"), acoustic guitar ("A Woman Never Knows")
  • Michael Gardner - Fender bass, bass, vocals ("Storm Clouds")
  • Rick Taylor - electric Guitar, high string guitar ("If You Have to Choose", "Diamond Rings", "You"), harmony guitar ("Diamond Rings")
  • David Essig - high string guitar ("If You Have To Choose"), mandolin ("If You Have To Choose")
  • Tom Evans - saxophone ("Stealin' Away", "A Woman Never Knows")
  • Daniel Lanois - electric guitar break ("A Woman Never Knows")
  • Produced by David Essig and Willie P. Bennett
  • Engineered by Daniel Lanois and Bob Lanois (Storm Clouds & Faces)
  • Recorded at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton, Ontario
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