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The Hoboken-Verzeichnis (abbreviated Hob.) is the catalogue of over 750 works by Joseph Haydn as compiled by Anthony van Hoboken.

Unlike Ludwig von Köchel's catalogue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's works, or Otto Erich Deutsch's catalogue of Franz Schubert's works, which are both arranged chronologically by the date of composition, Hoboken's catalogue is arranged by form of work, like Wolfgang Schmieder's catalogue of Johann Sebastian Bach's works. All the symphonies, for example, are in category I, all string quartets are in category III, piano sonatas are in category XVI, and so on.

Works by Haydn are often indicated using their Hoboken catalogue number, typically in the format "Violin Concerto No. 1 in C major, Hob. VIIa:1".

Hob. Category
I Symphonies (1–108)
Ia Overtures (1–16)
II Divertimenti in 4 and more Parts (1–47)
III String Quartets (1–83b)
IV Divertimenti in 3 Parts (1–11)
V String Trios (1–21)
VI Various Duos (1–6)
VII Concertos for Various Instruments
VIII Marches (1–7)
IX Dances (1–29)
X Various Works for Baryton (1–12)
XI Trios for Baryton, Violin or Viola and Cello (1–126)
XII Duos with Baryton (1–25)
XIII Concertos for Baryton (1–3)
XIV Divertimenti with Piano (1–13)
XV Trios for Piano, Violin or Flute and Cello (1–40)
XVa Piano Duos
XVI Piano Sonatas (1–52)
XVII Piano Pieces (1–12)
XVIIa Piano 4 Hands (1–2)
XVIII Keyboard Concertos (1–11)
XIX Pieces for Mechanical Clock (Flötenuhr) (1–32)
XX Works about The Seven Last Words of Christ
XXa Stabat Mater
XXI Oratorios (1, 2, 3)
XXII Masses (1–14)
XXIII Other Sacred Works
XXIV Cantatas and Arias with Orchestra
XXV Songs with 2, 3, and 4 Parts
XXVI Songs and Cantatas with Piano
XXVII Canons (Sacred 1–10; Secular 1–47)
XXVIII Opera (1–13)
XXIX Marionette Operas (Singspiele)
XXX Incidental Music
XXXI Arrangement of Scottish (273) and Welsh (60) Folksongs

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