Wellingsley, Massachusetts

Coordinates: 41°56′45″N 70°38′48″W / 41.94583°N 70.64667°W / 41.94583; -70.64667
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Wellingsley, also known as Wellingsly, Jabez Corner, and Hobs Hole, is a neighborhood in Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. It is notable for being the oldest separate neighborhood in the town.[citation needed] Wellingsley is located one mile south of Plymouth Center and north of Chiltonville. The neighborhood is interchangeably called Hobs Hole and Jabez Corner by its residents. Hobs Hole is a small brook that runs along Nook Road and empties into Plymouth Harbor. The name Hob's Hole supposedly derives from "Hobbamock's Hole", referencing a natural harbour ascribed to a famous pniese Pokanoket living with the pilgrims.[1] Jabez Corner, at the intersection of Sandwich Street and Warren Avenue, of which Route 3A runs through, is a location containing several small stores.


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41°56′45″N 70°38′48″W / 41.94583°N 70.64667°W / 41.94583; -70.64667