Hochschule für Musik Würzburg

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The Hochschule für Musik Würzburg (University of Music Würzburg) was founded in 1797 by Franz Joseph Fröhlich as Collegium musicum academicum (Academic college of music). From 1921 to 1973 it was named Bayerisches Staatskonservatorium der Musik (Bavarian State Conservatory of Music). The current name was given on 1 September 1973. It is located in three buildings. Helmut Erb has been president since 1 October 2007. The number of full-time students was about 650 in 2007.


The university offers a Bachelor of Music degree in artistic and educational programs:

  • accordion
  • conducting
  • voice
  • guitar
  • historical instruments
  • jazz
  • church music
  • piano
  • composition
  • music theory
  • orchestral instruments
  • organ
  • elementary music education

There are several graduate programs and the possibility of promotion. Musically gifted children and adolescents are specifically promoted by the university (musical ECI).

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