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Hockey tape used on the blades of ice hockey sticks

There are two kinds of hockey tape used by ice hockey, field hockey, roller hockey, and lacrosse players: stick (or blade) tape and shin tape.

Stick tape[edit]

Stick tape comes in two forms.[clarification needed] The first is a cloth-based self-adhesive, made of non-elastic cloth or synthetic fibers, and has been used for many years. Depending on the level of play, this tape may only last one or two games on the blade of a hockey stick. This tape can be used for:

  • taping the stick handle to allow for a better grip
  • taping the stick blade to protect it from wearing and provide a grip on the puck
  • taping the lower part of the stick shaft to prevent damage from another player hacking at the stick
  • taping the blade proceeding from heel to toe also allows for a player to impart more spin on a puck, adding to a shot or pass' accuracy

This kind of tape is also used in field hockey and lacrosse.

Shin tape[edit]

Shin tape is a medical-type tape, used on shin pads or socks over the shin pads to help keep them in position. The pressure-sensitive tape is self-adhesive and water resistant, and is elastic so that there is no risk of cutting off circulation to the legs. Shin tape is available in a variety of colors and is discarded after use.

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