Hocus Focus (TV series)

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Hocus Focus
Hocus Focus TV Series Opening Image.png
Genre Children Variety Show
Written by Lou Berger
Bob Keiber
Ellen Schecter
Larry Jordan
Peggy Sloane
Directed by Andrea Cvirko
Nan Harris
Starring Brad Williams
Jim Jinkins
Theme music composer George James
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
Producer(s) Patty Rout
Editor(s) Larry Jordan
Alan Miller (editor)
Camera setup Robert Ellis
Barry Fialt
Distributor Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment [1]
Original network Nickelodeon (1979–1980)
Related shows Pinwheel (TV series)

Hocus Focus is the name of a children's television series in 1979 which aired on the then-fledgling Nickelodeon network.


Hocus Focus featured an apprentice wizard who magically time traveled forward from the Middle Ages named Kryspen, who worked in the film department of a public library, who, along with his shape-shifting pet named "Oulak", played short films. Kryspen's friends included the absent-minded Professor Rhombus, a young woman named Daisy, and a talking book.[2] The show only lasted one year.[3]

Show credits[edit]



  • Directors - Andrea Cvirko, Nan Harris
  • Associate Producer/Associate Director - Patty Rout
  • Story Editor - Ellen Schecter
  • Writers - Lou Berger, Bob Keiber, Ellen Schecter, Larry Jordan, Peggy Sloane
  • Set Designer - Michael C. Smith
  • Graphic Artists - B. Cody Williams, Jim Jinkins
  • Wardrobe & Props - Helen Ripple
  • Operations Manager - Ken Papagan
  • Lighting Designer/Production Manager - Frank Marino
  • Lighting Supervisor - J. Bolger
  • Stage Manager - Jim Meinert
  • Production Assistants - Barb Wills, Kris Bulakowski, Lori Nevias
  • Engineers in Charge - Tom Carey, Roger Stevenson
  • Technical Directors - Sue Benfato, Gail Boland
  • Camera - Robert Ellis, Barry Fialt
  • Audio - Rick Phillips
  • Video - Sue Noll
  • Videotape - Larry Jordan, Glenn Jordan
  • Editors - Larry Jordan, Alan Miller
  • Television Facilities by Continental Color Recording Inc.
  • Post Production - CCR Post Inc., Rebo Associates
  • Hocus Focus Theme - George James
  • Opening Narration - Willard C. Ambis
  • Films Supplied by Coe Film Associates
  • Master mage - Lou Berger


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