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Hodidjed is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Type Fort
Abandoned c. 17 AD
— Stone structure —
Size and area (0.65 ha)
Shape tetragonal
Coordinates 43°51′34″N 18°29′26″E / 43.85944°N 18.49056°E / 43.85944; 18.49056
Place name Bulozi
County Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hodidjed is a castle near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hodidjed was only known fortification in the area of Vrhbosna in the High Middle Ages.[1] The fort, located at Han Bulog east of Sarajevo, was first taken by the Ottoman Empire between 1428 and 1430, then retaken by Matko Talovac in 1434, and then taken again by Barak Isaković in 1435.[2]

Remains of Austro-Hungarian bunker on the site of Hodidjed

Han Bulog is located at Bulozi, Stari Grad.


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