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Type Cookie
Place of origin South Korea
Region or state Cheonan
Main ingredients Dough, walnuts, red bean paste
Cookbook: Hodugwaja  Media: Hodugwaja
Hangul 호두과자
Revised Romanization hodu gwaja
McCune–Reischauer hodu kwaja

Hodugwaja is a type of Korean cookie from Cheonan, South Korea. (It is also called Hodo Kwaja and Korean Walnut Cake.) It is made by putting in a mixture of pounded walnuts with red bean paste in dough and baking. Hodugwaja from Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province are especially famous.[1][2]


Hodugwaja is believed to have been first made in Cheonan by Jo Gwi-geum and Sim Bok-sun in 1934. The walnuts have an unusual shape and are a specialty of Cheonan. Jo Gwi-geum and Sim Bok-sun made cookies using nutritious walnuts with various other ingredients.

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