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Family name
Hoey family coat of arms.jpg
Hoey family coat of arms
Meaning "descendant of Eochaidh (pronounced Owey or Hoy)"
Region of origin Ireland
Language(s) of origin Gaeilge
Related names Haughey, McCaughey

Hoey is an Irish surname. Spelling variations include: O'Hoey, Haughey, McCaughey and McKeogh, among others. Modern spelling comes from the original Ó hEochaidh.

The Hoeys are descendants of the ancient Dál Fiatach dynasty, rulers of the Ulaid and formers kings of Ulster. They trace their descent from Fiatach Finn mac Dáire, a King of Ulster and High King of Ireland in the 1st Century AD.

Notable people with Hoey surname[edit]

Cillian Hoey (born 1999)

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