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Hofbauer cells are oval eosinophilic histiocytes[1] with granules and vacuoles found in the placenta, which are of mesenchymal origin, in mesoderm of the chorionic villus, particularly numerous in early pregnancy.


They are named after J. Isfred Isidore Hofbauer, an American gynecologist. (1878-1961)[1]


They are believed to be a type of macrophage[2][3] and are most likely involved in preventing the transmission of pathogens from the mother to the fetus (so-called vertical transmission). Although there are many studies concerning placental vasculogenesis and angiogenesis, there has been a lack of evidence on the possible roles of Hofbauer cells in these processes.[4] According to a systems level single-cell transcriptomics based study of human placental cell-cell communication, Hofbauer cells produce HBEGF, an EGFR ligand, which drives differentiation of villous cytotrophoblasts (VCT) towards syncytiotrophoblasts (SCT)[5].


Micrograph of chorionic villi with Hofbauer cells. H&E stain.

Under histology sections, Hofbauer cells have appeared with discernible amount of cytoplasm.

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