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Hoff Church, Østre Toten, Norway

Hoff Church (Norwegian: Hoff kirke) is a historic church located outside of Lena, Østre Toten municipality, Oppland county, Norway. Hoff Church is associated with the Church of Norway, Østre Toten Parish Council of the Diocese of Hamar which covers Oppland and Hedmark. [1] [2]


Hoff Church was built around the 11th century and was constructed of limestone. Hoff church is similar in construction to the old cathedrals at Hamar, Nikolai Church in Gran, Old Aker Church, and Ringsaker Church. The joint model for these churches was the historic St. Hallvard's Cathedral, the main church of medieval Oslo. After 1658, Hallvard's Cathedral was demolished with only ruins left of the former cathedral.[3] [2]

The church has been restored several times, including 1508, 1703 1894-95 and lastly in 1952. The remodel in 1703 resulted in structural changes. The entire tower and the nave were removed and aisles walls built higher. The baptismal font dates to 1703 and was designed by Lars Jensson Borg (d. 1710). The altarpiece dates to 1664 and was designed by Laurits Lauritsen from Nes. In the center of the altarpiece is a painting believed to be by parish priest Knud Sevaldsen Bang (1633-1694).The pulpit was made by Kristian Kloppen in 1829 and was painted in 1895 and 1952. The church has a distinctive collection of paintings dating from the late 17th century including works believed to be by priest and artist Didrik Muus (1633–1706). [4] [5] [6]

The church has a gallery and a total of 332 seats. It is known for its excellent acoustics and is often used for concerts. [2] [7]


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