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Hoffman Marsh is a wetlands on San Francisco Bay in Richmond, California. The marsh has been protected within Eastshore State Park, and adjacent to Point Isabel Regional Shoreline. The marsh is an important nesting ground for wildfowl and stopping ground on the Pacific Flyway, as it is one of only a handful of undestroyed wetlands in the Bay Area. It borders Point Isabel Regional Shoreline and Interstate 80.

Hoffman Channel[edit]

Hoffman Marsh is the delta for the mouth of Fluvius Innominatus creek into the Hoffman Channel, which lead to San Francisco Bay.[1] The channel is part of Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, the "largest dog park in the United States", and serves as a swimming area for the animals. Hoffman Channel is adjacent to Point Isabel promontory, and was formerly a sandy beach on its south shore.

Development proposal[edit]

There was a controversial proposal to add a 98,000 sq. ft. (9,100 m2) Kohl's department store on a site between the Costco store and the marsh.[2] Many residents were worried about potential negative effects on increased nighttime lighting that will make endangered birds such as the California clapper rail and salt marsh harvest mouse more susceptible to predators.[2] This is in addition to other birds that make overnight stopovers at the marsh that would also possibly decrease in number and therefore reduce biodiversity. The Richmond Annex Neighborhood Council officially opposed the project.[2]


Hoffman Marsh was saved from development, to be protected within Eastshore State Park. Habitat restoration plans are being developed.[3]

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