Hogg Hill Mill, Icklesham

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Hogg Hill Mill, Icklesham
Hogg Hill Mill.jpg
The mill in 2005
Grid reference TQ 888 160
Coordinates 50°54′47″N 0°41′02″E / 50.913°N 0.684°E / 50.913; 0.684Coordinates: 50°54′47″N 0°41′02″E / 50.913°N 0.684°E / 50.913; 0.684
Year built 1781
Purpose Corn mill
Type Post mill
Roundhouse storeys Two storey roundhouse
No. of sails Four
Type of sails Spring sails
Windshaft Cast iron
Winding Roof mounted fantail
Fantail blades Eight blades
No. of pairs of millstones Two pairs, arranged Head and Tail
Other information The only existing post mill in the United Kingdom retaining a roof mounted fantail.

Hogg Hill Mill is a post mill at Icklesham, Sussex, England which has been restored.


Hogg Hill Mill was built in Pett in 1781 and moved to Icklesham in 1790. It was working by wind until 1920, when it was stopped owing to a weak weatherbeam.[1] Today, the recording studios of Sir Paul McCartney are to be found at the mill.[2]


Hogg Hill Mill is a post mill on a two-storey roundhouse. It has four spring sails carried on a cast iron windshaft and is winded by a roof mounted fantail, one of only two surviving post mills in England with this feature, and the only one where this can still be seen.[3] The mill drove two pairs of millstones, arranged head and tail. The brake wheel has been removed, but the wooden tail wheel is of clasp arm construction.[1]


  • John Skinner 1781 - 1790 (Pett)
  • William Sargeant 1791
  • John Sargeant 1834 - 1855
  • Lewis Sargent 1855 - 1874 (Source - census returns)
  • Garndner Bros 1890 - 1920

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