Hogots monastery

Coordinates: 38°05′00″N 43°25′57″E / 38.0833°N 43.4326°E / 38.0833; 43.4326
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Hogots monastery
Հոգոց վանք
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
DistrictGürpınar district
RegionEastern Anatolia Region
StatusCeased functioning as a monastery in 1915
Hogots monastery is located in Turkey
Hogots monastery
Shown within Turkey
Geographic coordinates38°05′00″N 43°25′57″E / 38.0833°N 43.4326°E / 38.0833; 43.4326
Completed528 A.D.

Hogots monastery was an Armenian monastery in the western Gürpınar district of modern Turkey. It was situated 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) northwest of Özlüce [tr] village in the district.


Hogots monastery (Armenian: Հոգոց վանք, Hogots vank) is Armenian for Monastery of the Holy Spirit.


Hogots monastery was one of the few notable monasteries of Historical Armenia's Antzevasiq district, which was a part of the larger province of Vaspurakan. Similar to Surb Bardughmeosi vank, Hogots monastery was a pilgrimage site for Armenians from the Van region. In the seventeenth century, it became the main religious building of the Norduz district of the Vilayet of Van in the Ottoman Empire. The priest Vahan (Armenian: Վահան Քահանայ) was the last of the known priests of the monastery preceding the Armenian genocide during 1915. It is believed that almost a hundred Armenian women and children in the monastery were burned to death when they tried to lock themselves inside during the genocide.

Current condition[edit]

According to unconfirmed sources, the Hogots monastery was used as a target during Turkish military training exercises in late 1946 and suffered extensive damage.