Hogup Mountains

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Hogup Mountains
Great Salt Lake Map.jpg
Hogup Mountains at NW Great Salt Lake
Highest point
Peak Tangent Peak ((northwest)-Hogup Mountains)
Elevation 7,047 ft (2,148 m)
Coordinates 41°28′50″N 113°10′28″W / 41.48048°N 113.174434°W / 41.48048; -113.174434Coordinates: 41°28′50″N 113°10′28″W / 41.48048°N 113.174434°W / 41.48048; -113.174434
Length 25 mi (40 km) N-S
Width 9 mi (14 km) (width at center
less at north & south)
Hogup Mountains is located in Utah
Hogup Mountains
Hogup Mountains
Hogup Mountains
in Utah
Country United States
State Utah
Regions (Great Basin Desert)
(northeast)-Great Salt Lake Desert
County Box Elder
Borders on (northern)-Great Salt Lake Desert-
-W & NW, SW & S
Utah Route 30-NW
Park Valley, Utah-NW
Curlew Valley &
Hansel Mountains-NNE
Great Salt Lake-NE, E & SE
Lakeside Mountains-SSE
Great Salt Lake Desert-S
Newfoundland Mountains-SW

The Hogup Mountains are a small 25-mile (40 km) long mountain range located in central Box Elder County, Utah, USA. The range lies on the northwest perimeter of the Great Salt Lake, and also lies surrounded by the Great Salt Lake Desert; it lies in the desert's northeast.

Three major peaks are found in the mountain's center, Tangent and Scorpio Peaks, and Shelter Mountain. Also, 3 mi east in the Great Salt Lake, an outlying peak is named Dolphin Island.


The Hogup Mountains have a central section containing the three major peaks; the mountain range narrows both northerly and southerly into the Great Salt Lake Desert, but the northeast does have another small 7 mi ridgeline that trends exactly NNW x SSE.

Mountain peaks[edit]

Broom Mountain, 4,782 feet (1,458 m),[1] anchors the southern mountain section on the named Hogup Ridge. The central peaks are Scorpio Peak (southeast), 6,560 feet (1,999 m), and due west, Shelter Mountain, 5,964 feet (1,818 m). In the center-north lies the range highpoint, Tangent Peak, 7,047 feet (2,148 m).[2]


The south of the Hogup Mountains can be accessed from Lakeside, 14 mi ESE. The north of the range can be accessed from Kelton; also Park Valley on Utah State Route 30.


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