Hōheikyō Dam

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Hōheikyō Dam
Location Hokkaidō, Japan.
Construction began 1965
Opening date 1972
Dam and spillways
Impounds Toyohira River
Height 102.5 m
Length 305 m
Creates Lake Jōzan
Total capacity 47,100,000 m³
Catchment area 184 km²
Surface area 150 hectares

Hōheikyō Dam (豊平峡ダム?, Hōhei-kyō Damu) is a concrete Arch dam in Sapporo, Hokkaidō; Japan. It dams the Toyohira River.[1] It is situated in Toya National Park. The dam was created for Irrigation as well as Flood control. The road leading to the dam has been closed off for regular car use, instead Hybrid electric busesare operated so the natural environment is protected.[2] The dam's lake is known as Jozan Lake (定山湖),


The construction of the dam began in 1965 and in 1972 the multipurpose dam was completed.[3]


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Coordinates: 42°54′57″N 141°09′13″E / 42.91583°N 141.15361°E / 42.91583; 141.15361