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Coat of arms of Hohenlinden
Coat of arms
Location of Hohenlinden within Ebersberg district
Hohenlinden in EBE.svg
Hohenlinden is located in Germany
Hohenlinden is located in Bavaria
Coordinates: 48°9′N 12°0′E / 48.150°N 12.000°E / 48.150; 12.000Coordinates: 48°9′N 12°0′E / 48.150°N 12.000°E / 48.150; 12.000
Admin. regionOberbayern
 • MayorLudwig Maurer (Überpart. Wählergem.)
 • Total17.32 km2 (6.69 sq mi)
540 m (1,770 ft)
 • Total3,179
 • Density180/km2 (480/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Dialling codes08124
Vehicle registrationEBE

Hohenlinden (also known as Linden or Healin) is a community in the Upper Bavarian district of Ebersberg. The city of Lynden, Washington is named after it, as is Linden, Alabama. Hohenlinden is also the subject of an eponymous poem by Thomas Campbell.


Hohenlinden lies in the Munich Planning Region roughly 35 km east of Munich.

Hohenlinden has the following traditional rural land units (Gemarkungen in German): Ebersberger Forst and Hohenlinden.


Hohenlinden belonged to the Electorate of Bavaria and was part of the lordly estate of Hofmark Ebersberg of the Order of Malta, which was disbanded in 1808.

It was here that the Battle of Hohenlinden was fought on 3 December 1800.


The community is home to two churches, the Kirche Mariä Heimsuchung (Church of the Visitation) built in 1489 in Late Gothic style, and the Pfarrkirche St. Josef (St. Joseph’s Parish Church), built in 1903 in neo-Gothic style.

Population development[edit]

Year Inhabitants
1970 1,854
1987 2,149
2000 2,616
2005 2,758
2006 2,964
View of the main street, in the foreground the old church, in the background the new


Hohenlinden’s mayor (Bürgermeister) is Ludwig Maurer, an independent who was elected in 1998.

In 1999, the community’s tax revenue, converted to euros, was €1,552,000 of which €160,000 was business taxes.

Hohenlinden’s Town Hall

Economy and infrastructure[edit]

According to official statistics, 155 people on the social insurance contribution rolls were employed in industry in 1998 in Hohenlinden and in trade and transport none. In other fields, 1,470 people on the aforesaid rolls were employed, and 1,103 worked from their homes. There were no employees in processing industries. There were 5 businesses in contracting. Furthermore, in 1999, there were 43 agricultural businesses with a productive area of 772 ha.

Over the past few decades, Hohenlinden’s location near the Bundesstraße 12 (B12), one of Bavaria's most important traffic routes, has brought about a boom in the number of shops. There are four inns, three traditional Bavarian ones (Gasthof zur Post, Gasthof Steutzger and Hotel zur Linde) and one Italian (La Posta).

Besides several smaller shops, there is a REWE and an EDEKA supermarket, two car dealerships (Porsche and Mercedes-Benz), a driving school (City Fahrschule II), a pharmacy, and two filling stations.


The small tourism centre has at its disposal various leisure facilities from hiking and golf on the nearby Thailing lands or the GC Ebersberg (golf club) to the “forest lore walk”, the so-called Hohenlindener Sauschütt in the nearby Ebersberg Forest, which offers hiking and cycling.


The Bavarian dialect is very common and widespread in Hohenlinden. In Bavarian, Hohenlinden is called Healin.


Hohenlinden offers a wide choice of associations and clubs. Most of them are free for everyone to join and only charge a small annual fee to cover their expenses. The most popular associations are the Sportvereinigung Hohenlinden, the Boeller-Verein, the Hohenlinden volunteer fire brigade, the shooting club, Hohenlinden theatre club and the Hohenlindener Burschenverein (since 2009).

Other popular organisations are the Landfrauen, the Motocrossverein, the Tischtennisverein (table tennis), the Eisstockschützen, Pfadfinder Impeesa (scouts) and the Verein Hohenlinden 2000 e.V.


In 2012 the following institutions could be found in Hohenlinden:

Famous people[edit]

The former German goalkeeper Sepp Maier lives in Hohenlinden.


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