Vogelsberg Mountains

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Map of the Vogelsberg-Mountains in Hesse

The Vogelsberg Mountains or Vogelsberg (German for Bird's Mountain) are a large volcanic massif in eastern Upper Hesse separated from the Rhön Mountains by the Fulda River and its valley. Arising approximately 19 million years ago, the Vogelsberg is Central Europe's largest basalt formation, consisting of a multitude of layers that descend from their peak in ring-shaped terraces to the base.

Natural monument "Uhuklippen", March 2009
Bismarck tower on the Taufstein

The main peaks of the Vogelsberg are Taufstein, 773 meters (2,536 ft), and Hoherodskopf, 763 metres (2,503 ft), both now enclosed in a nature park, the Hoher Vogelsberg Nature Park.


In recent years the Eurasian lynx has returned. There are rumors about wolves being sighted in the region. Sightings have been confirmed in an area north of the Vogelsberg. Wildcats are also said to exist in the region, although they, like lynxes, are notoriously hard to spot. As in most of Hessen, wild boar are present in large numbers.

Coordinates: 50°32′N 9°14′E / 50.533°N 9.233°E / 50.533; 9.233

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