Hohhot People's Stadium

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Hohhot People's Stadium (Chinese: 呼和浩特市人民体育场) was a multi-use stadium in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. Situated next to Qingcheng Park, it was used mostly for football matches. This stadium holds 30,000 people.[1][2] Prior to the construction of the new Hohhot City Stadium on the north side of the city, it was the home of the Hohhot City Games, several Inner Mongolia Games, and the site of a wide range of sports and political rally activities. Currently it is the home of Hohhot Black Horse, a member of the Chinese Jia League.


Coordinates: 40°48′31″N 111°39′50″E / 40.808482°N 111.663816°E / 40.808482; 111.663816