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Hoiio Pte Ltd
Industry Communication Software
Cloud Communication
Founded 2007
Headquarters Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam
Products Hoiio Apps
Hoiio API
Number of employees
Website [1] Hoiio.com

Business Overview[edit]

Hoiio is a cloud company providing modular software services to businesses on a subscription and usage based model.

Over the last few years they have expanded regionally with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Corporate Profile[edit]

Launched in 2012, Hoiio began its journey as a cloud communication service provider but over time, expanded its cloud solutions to include compliance, marketing and human resource management.

Their mission is to increase business productivity with cloud technologies with focus on simplicity and automation. For simplicity, each Hoiio App is modular by design and only automates one task. Connected apps can then work together to automate multiple tasks.

They have an award winning cloud platform based on an API centric micro-service architecture. Each micro-service is like a lego brick, serving a single function with an interface to connect to other micro-services. This app engine lays the foundation for the creation of small, modular apps that can connected to one another.

To enable companies of all sizes to boost productivity, each app is sold individually to keep costs affordable. Small companies can start with a single app to immediately enjoy productivity boosts. Large enterprises can purchase an entire suite of apps to automate more complex business processes.

As of March 2015, Hoiio has invested US3.3 million into the research and development of cloud technologies and Hoiio apps engine.

Hoiio are currently supporting over 5,000 companies and have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. They are also a licensed telecom service provider with Singapore IDA SBO, Hong Kong OFTA Class and Malaysia MCMC ASP licenses.


The apps operate on a Software as a Service business model and users are charged for usage of Voice, SMS and Numbers as well as app subscriptions. Hoiio has built the following products:

Communication Apps[edit]

  • Main Line
  • Direct Line
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Conference
  • SMS Marketing
  • SIP Trunk
  • Virtual Line
  • Call Tracking
  • Call Recording

Compliance Apps[edit]

  • Spidergate
  • Consent Hub
  • Visitor

Human Resource Apps[edit]

  • Directory
  • Time Log
  • Payroll


In March 2012, Hoiio launched its web API to enable software developers to create communication applications.[1]  Hoiio's APIs operates on a Platform as a Service business model where software developers are charged for usage of Voice, SMS and Number services.

Hoiio APIs are built on the concept of creating Lego blocks for building unified communication apps and consists of the following APIs:

  • Voice API (For voice communication for 2 phones)
  • Conference API (For voice conferences)
  • SMS API (For sending and receiving SMS)
  • IVR API (For building IVR menus)
  • Fax API (For sending and receiving fax)
  • Number API (For assigning Hoiio numbers to other apps)
  • Account API (For checking account information)
  • Organization API (For Connect developers. This is by invitation only.)



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  • Top 10 Asian Apps for 2012 [4]
  • Top 10 Startups of Asia for 2012 [5]
  • Apicta Awards 2012 (Communications) [6]


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