Hoity Toity

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Hoity Toity
Adel verpflichtet 048.jpg
Designer(s)Klaus Teuber
Players2 to 6
Setup timeapprox. 5 minutes
Playing time> 45 minutes
Random chanceCard shuffling
Skill(s) requiredBluffing

Hoity Toity (German: Adel Verpflichtet, meaning "Noblesse oblige") is a multiplayer board game created by Klaus Teuber in 1990, and published in the United States by Überplay in 2008. The game was also published in the United States under the original German title and under the name, By Hook or Crook, and in the United Kingdom under the name Fair Means or Foul.


The players in the game represent the members of the pretentious Antique Club. Their goal in life is to have a better collection of old stuff than every other member in the club. There are two options every turn: 1) to the Auction House to bid on an antique, or 2) to a manor house to participate in a competitive exhibit. The outcome of the players' actions depends on the choices and card play of the other players in the same location. The game therefore includes a considerable bluffing component.

The winner is the player to move the farthest on the board, or whoever finishes the fastest.


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