The Command (2005 film)

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The Command
Theatrical poster
Directed by Masoud Kimiai
Produced by Masoud Kimiai
Written by Masoud Kimiai
Starring Poulad Kimiai
Ezzatollah Entezami
Khosro Shakibai
Leila Hatami
Bahram Radan
Cinematography Alireza Zarrindast
Edited by Jafar Panahi
Country Iran
Language Persian

The Command (Persian: حکم‎‎) lit. is a 2005 in film Iranian film directed by Masoud Kimiai. It stars Poulad Kimiai, Ezzatollah Entezami, Khosro Shakibai, Leila Hatami, Bahram Radan. It is the 25th film by Kimiai.[1] The film tells the story of gangster relations in Iran and a love story between two former lovers.


Mohsen (Poulad Kimiai), Foroozandeh (Leila Hatami) are two former couple.They and Sahand (Bahram Radan) who is their friend go to an Engineer manager's house to rob his safe. After that they go to Reza Maroufi (Ezzatollah Entezami), an old retired gangster to take a fake passport for Foroozandeh. Mohsen and Forozandeh struggle in the way and Foroozandeh returns to Tehran. Maroufi and Sahand also come back to Maroufi's house in Tehran and They see Foroozandeh that is injured by Mohsen .....

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