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Hokowhitu East
Population: 4,887 (2001)
Hokowhitu West
Population: 4,233 (2001)
Hokowhitu Lagoon
Population: 1,578 (2001)
Territorial Authority
Palmerston North City

Hokowhitu is an area and constituent ward of Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand. For statistical purposes, the area is divided into three.

Hokowhitu East[edit]

Hokowhitu East is a predominantly residential area and had a resident population of 4,887 (2001)[1]. Hokowhitu East is bounded on the S and E by the Manawatu River. The river is accessible from Fitzroy Bend Park.


The area is by far the largest in population and in area size of any of the divisions in Hokowhitu. There are two primary schools Hokowhitu and Winchester Schools in Hokowhitu East.

Parks and Reserves[edit]

  • Hokowhitu Domain - large open field located next to Hokowhitu School.
  • Crewe Crescent Reserve
  • Franklin Reserve
  • Fitzroy Bend Park

Hokowhitu West[edit]

Hokowhitu West is a largely residential area and had a resident population of 4,233 (2001) [2]. Te Awe Awe St in the S, Albert St in the E, Ferguson St in the N and Fitzherbert Ave in the W form the boundaries for Hokowhitu West.


There are two primary schools, College Street Normal School and St James' Catholic School in for Hokowhitu West.

Parks and Reserves[edit]

  • Milverton Park - located at the corner of Ferguson St and Victoria Avenue. There is a children's play area here.
  • Awatea Reserve - this is across Fitzherbert Ave from Palmerston North Girls' High School. It is a reserve commemorating the ancient Awatea Stream which still flows here.

Hokowhitu Lagoon[edit]

Hokowhitu Lagoon is a predominantly residential area and had a resident population of 1,578 (2001)[3]. The area's boundaries, starting from the North is Hokowhitu West (Te Awe Awe St); to the East by Hokowhitu East (Albert St) ; to the South by the Manawatu River and to the West by West End (Fitzherbert Ave)


The area is characterised by the large Hokowhitu Lagoon, which is used by many as a place of relaxation and recreation. There are many large houses built near or on the banks of the lagoon. Massey University College of Education, Hokowhitu Campus dominates the view overlooking the Lagoon. A number of New Zealand Defence Force units have moved into the campus area since 2011, including the New Zealand Defence College and Headquarters Land Operations Training Centre. Other features of the area are Caccia Birch House and Ryder-Cheshire. It is also where the Manawatu Golf Club is located.

Parks and Reserves[edit]

  • Wallace Park - is a multi-purpose park used for sports (mainly cricket and soccer). It is the home of Ruahine AFC . Located opposite Awatea Reserve on Te Awe Awe St and Fitzherbert Ave.
  • Hardie St Park - is located at the corner of Hardie St and Fitzherbert Ave and is essentially a clearing with a few trees and a pathway.
  • Centennial Drive Reserve - is a tree-lined riverside park with bike track which is essentially an extension of the Victoria Esplanade.
  • Jickell St Reserve - is a small reserve clearing amongst a residential street in which people may access the Hokowhitu Lagoon

Main Streets[edit]

  • Albert Street: This street dissects the suburb from north-north-west to south-south east. The street is named for Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Albert Street begins from Featherston Street (Papaioea) and ends at the Manawatu River.
  • Victoria Avenue
  • Fitzherbert Avenue: forms the western boundary of the ward.
  • Ruahine Street
  • Pahiatua Street
  • Te Awe Awe Street
  • Park Road
  • College Street

Local and Central Government representation[edit]

Hokowhitu Ward[edit]

Hokowhitu Ward is located in the SE of the Palmerston North City urban area. The suburbs of Hokowhitu West, Hokowhitu Lagoon, Hokowhitu East, Terrace End, part of Palmerston North Central and a part of Papaioea make up the area. The boundaries are generally considered to be Main Street E and Napier Road in the N, Manawatu River in the S and E, Fitzherbert Avenue in the W. Hokowhitu is the smallest ward in area size in Palmerston North.

Wards of Palmerston North
Ward Name Suburbs including Councillor(s)
Hokowhitu Ward Hokowhitu East, Hokowhitu West, Hokowhitu Lagoon, Terrace End, part of Papaioea, SE part of Palmerston North Central Three - Cr Gordon Cruden; Cr Jim Jeffries; Cr Jono Naylor


Central Government representation[edit]


  • Hokowhitu has always been a part of Palmerston North electorate. Palmerston North (as at 2010) is represented by New Zealand Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway.