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Hokus Pick
Also known as Hokus Pick Manouver
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Christian rock, contemporary Christian music
Years active 1988–1999
Labels Word Canada, Via, Freedom
Past members
  • Matt Pierrot
  • Rick Colhoun
  • Russ Smith
  • David Strilchuk

Hokus Pick (or Hokus Pick Manouver) was a Christian rock band that was together from 1988 to 1999. The four members of Hokus Pick met in Vancouver, British Columbia.[1] Hokus Pick was well known for their quirky sense of humour, using sarcasm, satire, and general silliness to convey a deeper message.[2]

Hokus Pick toured extensively in Canada and the United States. The band opened for Steve Taylor's Squinternational tour in 1994[2] and played in Costa Rica in May 1998. The group released their final album in 1999, opting to spend more time with their families after more than a decade of recording and touring together. They have remained active in music ministry and the industry.[3]

The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music cites their song "I'm So Happy" as possibly the worst CCM song of all time.[2] The song is a satire of simplistic lyrics often heard on Christian radio.[2] Ironically, it received heavy rotation on Christian stations.[2]

In October 2007 Hokus Pick received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Gospel Music Association at the 29th Annual Covenant Awards in Calgary, Alberta.[4] Hokus Pick then performed live and hosted the 30th Annual Covenant Awards on October 24, 2008.[5]

Rumours abounded that Hokus Pick was planning a comeback into music, after having been spotted in a secluded warehouse jamming together. Filmmaking company Transposition Films, composed of legendary members itself, avoided questions regarding their involvement in filming a documentary about the process.[6]


  • Russ Smith – lead vocals, guitar
  • Matt Pierrot – guitar, vocals
  • Dave Strilchuk – bass guitar, vocals
  • Rick Colhoun – drums, vocals


  • Hokus Pick Manouver (independent) (1988)
  • Hey Man! (independent) (1989)
  • Pick It Up (1992, review[7])
  • The Independents (1993)
  • Brothers from Different Mothers (1994, review[8])
  • Brothers From Different Mothers (video) (1994)
  • Bookaboom (1995)
  • The B-Sides (1996)
  • Snappy (1997, reviews[9][10])
  • Greatest Picks (1998)
  • Super Duper (1999, reviews[11][12][13])

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