Holaniku at Keahole Point

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Holaniku at Keahole Point
Holaniku at Keahole Point is located in Hawaii
Holaniku at Keahole Point
Location of Holaniku at Keahole Point solar farm in Hawaii
Country United States
Location Kona District, Hawaii
Coordinates 19°42′54″N 156°2′7″W / 19.71500°N 156.03528°W / 19.71500; -156.03528Coordinates: 19°42′54″N 156°2′7″W / 19.71500°N 156.03528°W / 19.71500; -156.03528
Status Operational
Construction began January 1, 2006 (2006-01-01)
Commission date March 16, 2009 (2009-03-16)
Owner(s) Keahole Solar Power
Solar field
Type CSP
CSP technology Parabolic trough
Site area 3 acres (12,141 m2)[1]
Power generation
Units operational 1,000
Nameplate capacity 2 MW
Capacity factor 2%[1]

Holaniku at Keahole Point is a 2MW micro-scaled concentrated solar power plant in the Kona District (west coast) of the island of Hawaiʻi. It is located in the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii at Keahole Point.[2]

Holaniku at Keahole Point is the first commercial solar thermal power plant to be built using solar collectors manufactured by Sopogy. The project was developed by Keahole Solar Power, LLC. an Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting (EPC) company. The plant contains over 1,000 Sopogy MicroCSP SopoNova parabolic trough solar collectors. The power plant uses the sun's heat to create steam.[3] Most of the steam created is used onsite for other experimental uses, equating to only 0.5MW maximum that can be utilized to generate electricity. Little, if any, electrical power leaves the site and enters the state electrical grid.

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