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Place Holbeck
Area City of Leeds
Coordinates 53°47′36″N 1°33′49″W / 53.7932°N 1.5635°W / 53.7932; -1.5635Coordinates: 53°47′36″N 1°33′49″W / 53.7932°N 1.5635°W / 53.7932; -1.5635
Grid reference SE288330
2 July 1855 [1] High level platforms opened
1862[2] Low level platforms opened
7 July 1958[3] closed
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Railway Clearing House diagram of lines in Leeds in 1913

Holbeck railway station was a railway station that served the district of Holbeck, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.


Holbeck Station was opened by the Leeds, Bradford and Halifax Junction Railway almost a year after the other stations were opened on the line.[4] It was unusual in that it had platforms on two different levels, the Holbeck High Level (HL), which was a joint Great Northern Railway and Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway venture and Holbeck Low Level (LL) which was joint Midland and North Eastern Railway venture.[5] The designations of High Level and Low Level were added by British Rail in 1951.[2]

Holbeck was a cramped station and suffered from trains awaiting paths into the various Leeds termini after being held at junctions on the approaches to and from Leeds. Passengers on the Midland/NER lines, would simply stay on the train and change to another at Wellington station. This accelerated the demise of Holbeck station well before the Beeching closures affected the other stations on the lines that it served.[6]

The station was closed to the public in 1958. The route where trains ran through Holbeck High Level station to Leeds Central station had latterly closed in 1967, with the tracks subsequently being lifted and the bridge carrying the high level track over the low level, removed.[4]

Trains running along the Airedale, Wharfedale and Harrogate lines still pass over the site of Holbeck Low Level station on their way in and out of Leeds station, although there is no clear indication of the former station that existed on the site.[5]

Accidents and incidents[edit]

  • On 27 July 1875, the boiler of a locomotive exploded.[7]
Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Armley Moor or
Beeston (Leeds)
  Great Northern Railway   Leeds Central
Armley Canal Road   Midland Railway   Leeds Wellington or
Leeds New

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