Holbrook (LIRR station)

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Former Holbrook LIRR Station site-5.JPG
Westbound view of the site of the former Holbrook LIRR station
Location Coates Avenue and Railroad Avenue
Holbrook, New York
Coordinates 40°48′37″N 73°04′53″W / 40.810272°N 73.081330°W / 40.810272; -73.081330Coordinates: 40°48′37″N 73°04′53″W / 40.810272°N 73.081330°W / 40.810272; -73.081330
Owned by LIRR
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 2
Other information
Station code None
Opened 1875
Closed June 1962
Rebuilt 1907
Preceding station   MTA NYC logo.svg LIRR   Following station
Former services
Ronkonkoma   Greenport Branch   Holtsville

Holbrook was a station stop along the Greenport Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. The most recent version was located along Coates Avenue and Railroad Avenue in Holbrook, New York


The original version of Holbrook LIRR station was combined into a cigar factory owned by Colonel Alexander McCotter (1791-1878)[1] between June and July 1875. McCotter had already owned 5000 acres of land expanding as far south as the Great South Bay dating back to 1848, which he subdivided in five to ten acre lots. The factory was a 40x40 two stories high building surmounted with a cupola. Half of the ground floor was used as a ticket office, express office, and waiting room, while the rest of the building was used for the factory.[2]

The second station opened around 1907 on the north side of the train tracks. It was moved to the south side on April 29, 1939 and finally closed in June 1962,[3] although the sheltered shed lasted as long as 1970.[4] This station was located between Ronkonkoma and Holtsville Stations on Coates Avenue in Holbrook, New York, and is close to where the Ronkonkoma Yard can be found today.[5]


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